Dear Pro-Obama Media Members:

December 4, 2008

Why is it you keep bringing up the potential unconstitutionality of Sen Clinton’s nomination as Secretary of State, while ignoring the controversy that is barry’s birth certificate and his eligibility to become president? The issue of Senator Clinton’s appointment has been circumvented several times. That is precedence = no problem unless, of course, you’re Senator Clinton.

You’re going to have to run her over to stop her and none of you venture far from your camouflage of cameras and computers.

And it’s not like you don’t know what’s going on MSNBC because NBC5 Chicago did a bit last night on the 10 o’clock news with Robert Schultz, founder of We the People Foundation. They had no choice because of WTP’s open letter to barry in the Dec 1st & 3rd editions of the Chicago Trib. Not to mention the upcoming conferencing by the Supreme Court on the 5th and the scheduled WTP press conference on the 8th.

Hello. The blogosphere exists in reality. In the real reality of the cosmos – not your preferred state of obamerism. None of us are going away – not even the “weird little sites” Blankley referred to. And barry’s googleman can’t mess up Donofrio’s site anymore.

Senator Clinton hasn’t even reached the confirmation hearings. And don’t you know the minute you start going after Sen Clinton on something – turning it back on barry reveals the real problem. You’re obamerism has overtaken whatever sanity and/or ethics you once might have possessed.

As a (natural born) American citizen, I am outraged that propaganda like this is so widespread – but I am even more embarrassed at your adolescent behavior. An 8 y/o knows how to get something past their mother better than you do with The American People barry always talks about but never to.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin compared the issue of Sen Clinton with Sen McCain eligibility to be president–a moot point. What was really on his mind was the upcoming SCOTUS decision about barry’s.

Do you realize the fact that you refuse to cover it just gives it more credence? Why hasn’t barry released his birth certificate to just get it over with? Not a single non-guilty person would persist and spend a half million dollars to block something that could have been debunked by $12. His being a British subject he can do nothing about.

Maybe on Monday you’ll have a little something to say after WTP’s press conference.

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