Donofrio case to be heard by SCOTUS

December 5, 2008

First off, it is not a right wing conspiracy. Donofrio is alleging the same thing about McCain and Nicaraguan born Roger Calero. And Donofrio is not–nor has he ever–alleged that barry’s was not born in Hawaii – so the birth certificate is not at issue. Berg’s lawsuit from Philly (pending) and Martin’s in Hawaii (dismissed) center on whether barry’s was born in Kenya and whether his birth certificate is fraudulent. There is also the question of him surrendering his citizenship while living in Indonesia.

Donofrio’s lawsuit is based on barry’s own admission that he was born a British subject (by way of his father’s parentage) at the time of his birth so he is a dual citizen with “questionable allegiance”. He is a *native born* citizen but not a natural born citizen.

it is not a partisan issue – it is a true constitutional issue. The scattered MSM reports have lumped the cases together and for the most part have been completely erroneous.

Of all, the Founding Fathers did not a British subject to be a usurper and all these years later the questions comes up about a man who was a constitutional lawyer. Sad. Whatever truth eventually surfaces – and it shall – his daughters are going to have to bear the burden. Even one of his lies and denials and obamanations and that is worse than have been well documented in print on line and on video. I hope I live long enough to see him face his day in court – if only for his foreign donations. There are people out there who know the truth – right now – like Axelrod. To me that is worse than barry’s lies.

Well folks, you get what he paid for. Enjoy!

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