Mika & Barnicle clueless re: barry lawsuits

December 5, 2008
Morning Joe

Mika “Mommy” Brzezinski actually mentioned that the Supreme Court is meeting to decide whether to hear Donofrio’s lawsuit.

[He is suing New Jersey Secretary of State, Nina Wells, alleging that barry was ineligible to be on the ballot because he is not a natural born US citizen. The particulars being in 1961 Kenya was under UK law which barry sr conferred on barry – citizenship being passed down by the father.]

Why isn’t the first hurdle in running for president handing over proof that one is a natural born US citizen with clear visual chain of command evidence of one’s birth – available for The American People to examine, if so inclined? These election proceedings have to be completely revamped and standardized between parties and the first thing that needs to go are the caucuses. barry proved that.

BARNICLE: Who filed that lawsuit?

MIKA: Oh, come on! Yeah. I know.

BARNICLE: It makes no sense.

MIKA: I’ll find out for you, though.

BARNICLE: Stop. Just stop!

MIKA: Some people don’t know what to do with their time.

BARNICLE: Stop it.

MIKA: Really.

BARNICLE: Everyone complains how backlogged the courts are.

MIKA: Oh. She sighs. It’s a mess!

BARNICLE: And they’re entertaining the case. (Puts his hands up palms out like enough already.) Please.

MIKA laughs: That kind of stuff makes you mad. I can understand.

Every single day they sit there and read the papers and yet they have never heard of the lawsuit taking place in their backyard. And even as she reads it she has no idea what it’s about but “she’ll find out” – which she never did.

So I finally got my answer – they aren’t covering it up or ignoring it – they aren’t aware because it hasn’t been covered in the proobamedia, which it appears they confine themselves to. One google search would have enlightened them. This is the first time I have heard it mentioned in the MSM other than NBC5 here in Chicago – which has no choice because of the open letters to barry in the Tribune.

Now we wait to see what (nothing) comes of it and what the creative reason is this time. Can’t see it topping the Anthrax quarantine.

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