UPDATE 5: barry’s birth certificate – Anthrax

December 4, 2008

Birth certificate posts

This is too bizarre to believe though it gets points for originality. The Connecticut lawsuit brought by Cort Wrotnowski against Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz, alleged she had a duty to ensure barry was qualified to be on the ballot. barry’s ineligibility due to his dual UK/US citizenship at birth. It was denied by the State Supreme Court on Nov 3rd.

Nov 25th, Wrotnowski submitted it to Justice Ginsberg who denied it on Nov 26.

Nov 29th, he re-submitted to Justice Scalia only to find out his paperwork was sent for a 10-day Anthrax quarantine. Papers from the same person who had filed the same papers in the same way the week before suddenly became an Anthrax risk when the man proven to be responsible for the previous attacks committed suicide months ago? A+ for creativity and originality. Wrontowski hand delivered them on Dec 2nd – still pending. Can you imagine the movie?

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