UPDATE 6: barry’s BC – Selective Service

December 5, 2008

Birth certificate posts

I ran across an extremely comprehensive and up-to-date site: The Obama File – Latest Obamination. Check it out.

And I found this interesting. A copy of barry’s Selective Service registration – also a possible fraud – is on The Obama File with the original photocopy on Debbie Schlussel’s site. Don’t get why with stuff like this and her contributions to rooting out terrorists she’s diminishing herself with gay bashing. Maybe where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Check out the signature comparison on The Obama File site (11-26). It looks to the naked eye to be a different signature than his present one. The “O” has the characteristic phallic line through it but the back slanted Barack looks curlier and he includes his middle initial “H”. Probably just a natural evolution of his signature. I’m pretty sure somebody had a copy of his high school year book with an inscription to Toot his grandmother which could be used for comparison. Not that any of it matters.

I honestly didn’t know that someone his age still had to register. I didn’t know alot of things. The twist is that men born after 1959 he had to be registered by age 26 to be considered eligible to serve in the executive branch of government. This is all so convoluted it’s funny, especially the British citizenship.

What really irks me about all this is barry’s expertise: constitutional and voters’ rights. If anything turns out to be true or have merit – that betrayal would be unforgivable. Especially considering his ruthless and relentless attacks on his opponents, allowing them to be deemed racists — something barry still has not dispelled in the black community.

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