UPDATE 7: barry’s birth certificate – WTP

December 5, 2008

Birth certificate posts

Yesterday’s birth certificate update. We The People Foundation’s open letters in the Chicago Trib finally did the trick. Quick recap.

Dec 1st: open letter to barry in the Chicago Tribune

Dec 1st: Interview on WGN with John Williams – who said he’d buy Schultz a Lou Malnotti’s pizza (wouldn’t be my pick – Uno’s or Gino’s East) if barry handed over his documents at the WTP press conference on Monday.

Dec 2nd: Sun-Times Mary Mitchell ranted in her blog – if you don’t know her – everything has to do with race. She still thinks somebody yelled “KILL HIM!” when barry’s Secret Service said it was unfounded.

MITCHELL: It has already been established that Obama was born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961. During his campaign, Obama posted his birth certificate on the Internet. Contrary to the inflammatory ad, public officials in Hawaii verified that the birth certificate in its possession was indeed authentic. To insist that Obama is not a natural-born citizen in the face of evidence that proves otherwise feeds the paranoia of people who operate on the fringes.

She doesn’t even bother to look into the facts or that it’s authenticity has been questioned or even taken the intuitive leap as to why barry hasn’t produced it – nor has the DNC (who was getting sued by Berg as well) to produce it. Yes, they looked at it and said it was a legitimate document. What they didn’t say is what is on it and they didn’t connect it to that non-birth certificate (COLB) on his website. And then there’s the fact that barry admits to being a NATIVE born citizen not natural born.

This is humorous.

These loonies — like the skinheads from Tennessee who planned to dress up in coattails and top-hats and go on a racist killing spree before targeting Obama — eat up conspiracy theories.

“Loonies” She gives these idiots credence when they got scared away by a dog on their first attempt at B & E all the while driving in a car with a huge swastika on it…their plan was to do a drive by on barry after they had gone on a mass murder spree.

When this kind of blatant lie is plastered in a paid ad in one of the president-elect’s hometown newspapers, it shows how much influence the people have who are behind the lies. And that’s scary.


That is plain ignorant. She has no idea how long this has been going on and how money had to be raised through donations.The Trib is going to take whatever money someone will pay.

Then she goes on a personal attack at Schulz – she found the time to investigate him but not the allegations or the background of the case. Standard MO of the obamerized.

Instead, he’s attempting to stir up any lingering anti-Obama sentiments.This is just the kind of blatant disrespect that the Obama camp has been good at ignoring.

Ignoring. She doesn’t even wonder why he won’t produce the document, which is the reason it is ongoing…not because of loonies.

Had she taken a breath and really wanted it to go away – she’d would have used her blog to appeal to barry to just produce the documents.

Then she continues in her tween mocking and how: “if there was some dirt to be dug up, it would have been in her [Sen Clinton] hands.” She shows she has no idea how long this has been ongoing.

And this:

I still believe his campaign had something to do with outing Obama’s 56-year-old half-aunt during the last days of the general election. The woman was living in the country illegally, and the McCain camp tried every which way to whip the voters into an anti-immigrant frenzy.

Her opinion, nothing proven, wasn’t covered except to demand an investigation and auntie to my knowledge is still in the country. She also neglects to mention that barry was the one who sponsored illegal alien auntie’s initial visit 9 years ago and thus was responsible for her.

Anybody heard anything lately? Anybody believe that barry wasn’t able to talk to her?

Mitchell’s conclusion:

So there must be something else Schulz is looking for. Can someone say donations?

I did agree with her on one point.

Stop it. The election is over. Done. Finished. There’s no hope of overturning the results. The people have spoken loud and clear.

And that’s precisely why they fought it to the end. He will never be disqualified from being president. They wouldn’t have allowed him to not get the nomination and that was only 18 million democrats voting for him. If it were Senator McCain or Senator Clinton this would have all been forced to be resolved before the general election.

Say what you want – barry is a fraud – a fraud who will be inaugurated. And do not for one minute believe that race did not work in his favor. It is the only reason he has not been compelled to produce his documents. One step closer to a More Perfect Union?

Dec 3rd: open letter to barry in the Chicago Tribune

Dec 3rd: Schultz interviewed on NBC5 10 o’clock news.

Dec 4th: Another letter sent to barry confirming that he had not sent the necessary documents and to notify him of the upcoming press conference.

Dec 6th: Leo Donofrio’s case (different from this) to be decide on by the SCOTUS.

Dec 8th: National Press Club 1:30 WTP press conference. Donofrio will not be there.

Dec 15th: Electoral College votes.

Jan 20th: Inauguration that won’t be stopped.

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