“Amending the Natural Born Citizenship Requirement”

December 7, 2008

Birth certificate posts

I ran across this. It’s too much for me to digest but it at least exists. Maybe there are more recent articles. From the Kent Law Review (11-23-05) by SARAH P HERLIHY: “Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement: Globalization as the Impetus and the Obstacle”

Herlihy cites Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example and then argues that globalization is not something the Founding Fathers could have imagined. She posits The Constitution discriminates against naturalized citizens which is about as circular as it gets.

They were granted citizenship because of The Constitution but after they become one they are discriminated against because of it?

One thing I did find interesting – she quoted a USA Today/CNN poll (Nov 19-21-2004) 31% favored an abolishment of the “natural born” requirement – 67% opposed it. Don’t know if they have continued polling.

Read it if interested. I’m sure barry and his minions know all about it. One thing is for sure – the Founding Fathers wanted ABSOLUTELY to make sure a British subject did not usurp the presidency…

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