UPDATE 8: barry’s birth certificate – list of lawsuits

December 7, 2008

Birth certificate posts

Finally someone put together the list of lawsuits against barry. I had been looking but gave up. I know only about Martin, Berg, Donofrio and Wrotnowski. For comprehensive history on the others see America Must Know. Seems they’ve given up updating as of Dec 4th. Don’t blame them.

Philly: Berg
New Jersey: Donofrio
Connecticut: Wrotnowski
New York: Chris Strunk
Texas: Darrel Hunter

California: Alan Keyes
California: Joan Corbett
California: Gail Lightfoot (dismissed) filing to SCOTUS

Georgia: Rev. Tom Terry
Hawaii: Andy Martin (dismissed 11-21) refiling
Kentucky: Daniel John Essek
North Carolina: Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan
Texas: Jody Brockhausen
Washington: James Broe Case

Patriot Brigade Case
California: David Archbold
Virginia: Wild Bill
New York: Dan Smit
Washington: Steve Marquis
Ohio: David Neal
Ohio: Carol Greenberg

Sitemap for more cases

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