UPDATE 9: barry’s BC – Update list

December 8, 2008

Up to date list of birth certificate posts

Listing of previous pertinent posts re barry’s eligibility

Berg – Hollister

(10-24-2008) Berg’s original case: Berg v Obama Judge Surrick’s ruling

Berg  challenges barry’s citizenship
Is barry’s COLB a fraud?
UPDATE 1: Berg case dismissed in Philly – appeal to SCOTUS
Berg’s ad in Washington Times Weekly
Bush WH spokesman Tony Fratto has no comment

UPDATE 2: Hawaii official comment & Dr Polarik’s forgery video
UPDATE 3: WTP open letter to barry to run in Chicago Tribune
UPDATE 4: Andy Martin HI (dismissed)
barry’s grandmother claims she was present at birth
UPDATE 5: Cort Wrotnowski’s submission to SCOTUS – Anthrax
If barry were proven to be ineligible?
UPDATE 6: barry’s selective service registration a forgery?
Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement
barry will be hiding out in Hawaii
UPDATE 7: WTP & Mary Mitchell rant
UPDATE 8: List of barry lawsuits
UPDATE 9: List of barry’s birth certificate posts
Video transcription of translated call from barry’s grandmother Sarah
UPDATE 10: barry’s birth certificate: WTP press conference
UPDATE 11: compiled list of updates
UPDATE 12: Berg SCOTUS docket No. 08-570
FYI: Writ of certiorari is the legalese for the SCOTUS will hear the case.

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