Awaiting SCOTUS decision re: Wrotnowski

December 12, 2008

SCOTUS will be conferencing Cort Wrotnowski’s challenge to barry’s constitutional eligibility to be POTUS. His case is similar to Leo Donofrio’s, which challenged barry on the British citizenship conferred on him at birth through his father, a Kenyan and British subject. Wrotnowski is suing Connecticut Secretary of State, Susan Bysiewicz for not making sure of barry’s eligibility before she placed his name on the ballot. Donofrio worked to prepare the case also and of course defending it in the MSM.


Nov 25 2008 Application submitted to Justice Ginsburg.
Nov 26 2008 Application denied by Justice Ginsburg.
Nov 29 2008 Application refiled and submitted to Justice Scalia.

Sent for Anthrax quarantine.

Dec2 2008 Refiled and resubmitted by hand
Dec 8 2008 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 12, 2008.
Dec 8 2008 Application referred to the Court by Justice Scalia.
Dec 9 2008 Supplemental brief of applicant Cort Wrotnowski filed. (Distributed)

So we wait for the decision. If this is struck down this particular avenue of challenge is over. The Electoral College votes on Monday. For more info go to Leo Donofrio’s site..

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