UPDATE 11 LIST: barry’s birth certificate

December 12, 2008

Birth certificate posts

Here’s an updated list of previous pertinent posts re: barry’s birth certificate/eligibility for presidency. Major issues – final ruling on berg and Wrotnowski pending. Electoral College vote Monday Dec 15th.

Berg discussing case on video

UPDATE 1: Berg case dismissed in Philly – appeal to SCOTUS
UPDATE 2:Hawaii official comment & Dr Polarik’s forgery video

UPDATE 3: WTP open letter to barry to run in Chicago Tribune
UPDATE 4: Andy Martin HI (dismissed)

UPDATE 5: Cort Wrotnowski’s submission to SCOTUS – Anthrax
UPDATE 6: barry’s selective service registration a forgery?

UPDATE 7: WTP & Mary Mitchell rant

UPDATE 8: List of barry lawsuits
UPDATE 9: List of barry’s birth certificate posts

UPDATE 10: barry’s birth certificate: WTP press conference
Update 11: This post

Video transcription of Sarah Obama’s call


Berg  challenges barry’s citizenship
Is barry’s COLB a fraud?

Berg’s ad in Washington Times Weekly
Bush WH spokesman Tony Fratto has no comment

barry’s grandmother claims she was present at birth
If barry were proven to be ineligible?
Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement
barry will be hiding out in Hawaii

Dr Ron Polarik’s forgery report (video)

barry’s birth certificate re-visited
COLB vs long form birth certificate
What Dr Fukino’s statement didn’t say
Why can’t the known COLB be subpoenaed?

Illinois attorney registration
Obama v Obama divorce record
Indonesian school record
barry’s Certification of Live Birth
barry’s marriage license
barry’s driver’s license registration

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