UPDATE: re: SCOTUS decision on Wrotnowski

December 12, 2008

Must say that is a perfect name: Cort Wrotnowski. It’s immediately recognizable. No decision will be made until Monday Dec 15th – the same day the Electoral College is to vote. One wonders if the Court wants to learn a little more about Blago & barry or delay until it is too late. Justice Scalia referred it to the full court on (12-8) and on (12-9) a supplemental brief was file. And nothing is expected till the 15th?

I don’t know anything about law (or politics) but that seems a long time to have a case to then simply deny. Perhaps the proobamedia blago distraction (was that how it was intended?) has influenced something or other. Ted, a commenter on our robots.txt restricted site on blogger, feels it’s because Fitzgerald wanted his case to be out there before SCOTUS makes their decision. My thought on Fitzgerald is that either barry’s name was mentioned on the tape and/or Blago’s involvement with Bank of America, the bailout and the Chicago plant sit-in, preempted the investigation. Maybe they just wanted to ruin Blago’s birthday.

So, we wait and barry has another long weekend. When is he going to Hawaii?

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