UPDATE 1 Drew Peterson: Do you see what I see?

Drew Peterson posts

December 23, 2008

Drew Peterson’s not-so-bright lawyer, Joel Brodsky, has been retained by Jesse Jackson, Jr. Not to be outdone and feeling left out scumbag Drew Peterson crawled out of his cave to get his media fix. Over the weekend he was spotted in a bar celebrating with several young ladies. One was caught on camera all a’snuggle with the sleaze and her resemblance to Stacy was haunting.

What do people see in this middle-aged, pink-faced, sloppily-dressed loser?

I bet his former policemen want to put him away as he is making a mockery of them. He never uses the camera time to ask for help finding Stacy or pleading with her to just get a divorce or to contact their children. She is clearly dead to him and probably to the world. He will be caught. He will try to impress some young misguided girl and the truth will come out. Hopefully she will interpret that as a sign to run.

Well, the deal (at this point) is Peterson met Christina Raines, 23, at a laundromat in 2003 and they have been “friendly” ever since. He frequents a restaurant that Raines works at. She has two children 4 & 5 by Tony Yauk, her former boyfriend of 5 years. Her father said that they have been dating for four months and that Peterson promised her a house and a car and gave her an autographed copy of his book. Another reason for the sudden publicity – Peterson’s book.

According to the Sun Times, he pretended he didn’t know how it got leaked: “How the f – – – did this [his engagement] get out?”

His publicist that’s how.

A few comments from Christina Raines’ father Ernie Raines:

That ain’t going to happen. I’m doing everything I can to try to get her away from him. . . . I’d like to say to him: Stay away from my daughter, take his ring back and look for his wife before he’s out trying to get another young girl. I don’t want a third one to come up missing.

I said, ‘You need to take that back. If you don’t want to, I will. I said, why would you want to marry someone like that anyway? He’s my age for Christ’s sake.

He drove to Peterson’s house last month to “let him know that I’m here, that I’m around, that I know where he lives. We talked, I said, ‘You know me, I’d kill for my kids, you know that’. I said, if you don’t answer your [cell] phone, don’t worry about it. I’ll drive my Cadillac right through his house

Steve Dahl: I’ve got a feeling her dad is going kill him before he gets a chance to do anything to her.

Lawyer Brodsky: He proposed and she accepted. I guess he’s got to get divorced.

Pig: I was married to Kathleen [wife #3. He is the only suspect in her murder.] when I was engaged to Stacy.

He’s bragging. I wonder how much viagra he needs. He’s just out hawking his book.

Who speaks for Stacy’s children and who watches them when he’s out prowling like the lecher he is?

Peterson case background

Rundown of the unfortunate women he has been involved with.

FOX News

Kathleen Savio, 41, wife #3, murdered 3-1-04

courtesy of acandyrose

Stacy Peterson, wife #4, missing since 10-28-07 (was 23)

Drew Peterson partied at a suburban night club with an unidentified woman.

Reggie Benjamin

Unknown woman who better notice the resemblance and run the hell away.

Notice the deterioration of Peterson from just a few years ago.

Drew & Stacy Peterson

She looks like his grandchild – she was 17 when they met.

How did the police not know what was going.

RICH HEIN/Sun-Times/Joliet Herald News

Christina Raines, 23, alleged fiancee & unabomber scumbag

And the chances the woman in this photo would willingly abandon those little faces?



Should be Exhibit A.

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