UPDATE 13: barry’s birth certificate – Berg & SCOTUS

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

December 28, 2008

Update on barry’s birth certificate issue. Donofrio/Wrotnowski – (lawsuits alleging barry not a natural born citizen by virtue of British citizenship conferred on him at birth) were denied by SCOTUS. Game over.

Philip Berg’s lawsuit is still alive and has been distributed to the Court. Docket: UPDATE 12.

Here’s an updated list of previous pertinent posts re: barry’s birth certificate/eligibility for presidency.

Senate resolution: McCain a natural born citizen (non legally binding – groundwork for barry)
Natural born citizen defined
Official Certification for Nomination for POTUS

Berg discussing case on video
syc1959 evaluates barry’s Hawaiian COLB on video
UPDATE 1: Berg case dismissed in Philly – appeal to SCOTUS
Berg’s ad in Washington Times Weekly
White House Press briefing Tony Fratto has no comment
UPDATE 2: Hawaii official comment & Dr Polarik’s forgery video
UPDATE 3: WTP open letter to barry to run in Chicago Tribune
UPDATE 4: Andy Martin HI (dismissed)
barry’s grandmother claims she was present at birth – Jeff Shreiber

UPDATE 5: Cort Wrotnowski’s submission to SCOTUS – Anthrax
If barry were proven to be ineligible?
UPDATE 6: barry’s selective service registration a forgery?
Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement
barry hides out in hawaii
UPDATE 7: WTP & Mary Mitchell rant
UPDATE 8: List of barry lawsuits
UPDATE 9: List of barry’s birth certificate posts
Video transcription of translated call from barry’s grandmother Sarah
UPDATE 10: barry’s birth certificate: WTP press conference
UPDATE 11: compiled list of updates
UPDATE 12: Berg SCOTUS docket

Not birth certificate issue but you asked for a comprehensive list

Donofrio: To be heard by SCOTUS
Donofrio: Denied by SCOTUS
Donofrio: Comments on denial

Wrotnowski: application to SCOTUS (Anthrax)
Wrotnowski: Awaiting SCOTUS decision
Wrotnowski: UPDATE: re SCOTUS decision

Wrotnowski: Application denied by SCOTUS

Relevant websites:

Dr “Ron Polarik’s” website proof of forgery
Philip Berg obamacrimes
Leo Donofrio Natural Born Citizen
Robert Schultz We The People
America Must Know lawsuit list
The Obama File comprehensive site
Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias

FYI: Writ of certiorari is the legalese for the SCOTUS will hear the case.

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