barry’s great-great-great grandmother’s grave marker found

December 29, 2008

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Everett, Washington
Grave marker of barry’s great-great-great-grandmother discovered.

Photo courtesy of MICHEAL O’LEARY / The Herald

Source: Snohomish County’s HeraldNet’s ERIC STEVICK

According to STEVICK’s article, on October 14th, Obama’s great-great-great grandmother, Rachel Wolfley’s grave marker was uncovered in Evergreen Cemetery in Everett, Washington. She was born and grew up in Ohio and then lived in Ohio and Kansas as a married woman. Her husband, Robert Wolfley, was a farmer and served in the Civil War.

“Military records show that Robert Wolfley served with Company A in the 145th Ohio National Guard infantry near the end of the war. It was a 100-day regiment formed to protect Washington, D.C., during the major campaigns that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant led into Virginia in the spring of 1864, Shipman said. He received a Civil War pension, which went to his wife after he died in 1895.”

He was buried in Olathe, Kansas and Mrs Wolfley presumably moved from Kansas to live with her daughter, Addie “Anna” Butts and son-in-law, Nathan Butts, whom she is buried beside.

Mrs Wolfley died on February 8, 1911 at age 75 after a prolonged illness. I wonder what it was – 75 was a long life back then. And I wonder if her husband was wounded during the war and what he died of. She reportedly belonged to Methodist Episcopal Church.

Snohomish resident Karyn Weingarden and retired funeral home director, Jim Shipman, who once managed the cemetery, found her final place of rest after being prompted by a phone call. Strange how his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham died less than three weeks later.

Obama’s Washington campaign director, Joshua Field, confirmed the story. I wonder if this much research has been put into finding Obama’s African relatives by anyone other than Axelrod – so he can keep them hidden. Barry plays up his African Americanness and yet hides his black family and dismisses his white ones. Nobody but his sister, Maya Soetero-Ng, knows the truth and she isn’t talking. The proobamedia has been noticeably quiet about his illegal alien aunt and about the burial plans for Mrs Dunham, but have written article after article about the potential first pet.

Obama’s mother Stanley “Ann” Dunham was born in Kansas and spent her high school years in Mercer Island, Washington. She moved with her parents to Oahu, Hawaii where she met Barack Obama Sr, a Kenyan in the US on an education grant and in due course Barry arrived.

For the record, Barry Sr did not come over on a JFK sponsored airlift and Jr wasn’t born because his parents got together after Selma (he was already 3).

Here is the extreme irony of this. Barry had no exposure to segregation. He was born in the most diverse state (which had just joined the union) at a time when interracial marriage was legal. He had never traveled in the south until his campaign. In fact, the first time he visited his mother’s birthplace was on the stump.

He is African American in that his father was from Kenya – no relation to American slavery. He was not an immigrant and did not apply for nor become an American citizen. Whereas, his mother’s family held slaves and fought in the Civil War (for the North).

So, yes, he identifies himself as African American, which he is genetically, but he is biracial and has no relationship to the plight of the Oppressed Southern Negro.

Rev Jesse Jackson might well be in a castrating mood while Barry lectured the black community about “their burden”, “their responsibility” and “the need for reparations”.

Barry’s family is the one who may owe reparations – he is not a black man who is owed reparations.

One wonders how he reconciles this when he gets up and speaks for “black America”. He was given a book deal (because he was the first African American President of the Harvard Law Review) to discuss race in American\. To that end, his book of mythology chronicled the racism he was allegedly exposed to as a way to give himself credibility. Who can challenge him? Some of his claims have been downplayed by those close to him at the time. (I’d find the quotes but nobody cares.) For instance, no one corroborated his claim of racial epithets repeatedly scrawled on the bathroom walls at Columbia – though it would be very easy to check since he writes the administration painted them over.

He created his story. He admitted to it later in his re-release Preface. He admitted to making up composite characters. Once his characters are called into questions – so his own. In particular because, prior to being found out, he had stood by it’s integrity.

Who is left to vet it? Why was his grandmother sequestered away? His sister is the only one who knows truth as far Barry goes. Think of the enormous burden she must carry – especially now as she grieves alone for a woman that she alone has cared for for decades. Add to that the need to answer direct or silent questions about a brother who can’t fly his ready at a moment’s notice private jet to honor his late grandmother. He couldn’t even find it in his heart to stay one more day to celebrate his grandmother’s 86th and final birthday.

How does one do this and then not mention her death until the press found out about it later in the day? Totally not mentioning it on his first campaign spot with no outward signs of grief and then once it was made known shed a few tears for his audience. I can’t judge him or his method of grief – it defies logic – and if he is anything, he is logical.

It’s sad really. Listen to his own words and watch him say them. He speaks about not wanting to make the same mistake twice: missing his grandmother’s death like he did his mother’s.

BARRY: “Most people understand that if you are not caring for your family, then you are probably not the kind of person who is going to be caring for other people.”

His mother, his grandmother, his aunt, who is in the country illegally (barry first sponsored her nine years ago) and then there is his his half-brother George living in severe poverty and his grandmother scraping by. One of barrys $2000 suits could make the African blood he claims comfortable for a year. George lives on $1/month and just wants to live without using his fists and without the threat of being shot or macheted to death.

How is this ok? How can he talk about “saving Africa” when he ignores the well-being of his own African family? Barry is being deified by the world while he neglects his own blood. He lets his aunt live in the country illegally (He knew and Axelrod knew) and then when she is discovered, he said he had no idea, that he hasn’t been able to talk to her and that laws must be enforced. Who believes this? He says he doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice and then he is too busy to go to Hawaii to comfort his sister, who is all alone, and who all alone knows the truth. I cannot imagine being in that situation. What does she tell her children?

Barry’s words, as usual–as always–are just that.

My friends, what are you not seeing?

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