Election Year in Review: barry voters (video)

January 3, 2009

Here’s an eye-opening video of how little barry voters knew and strangely how much they knew of his opponents. This would have been a much better video if it was done during the primaries. Folks would come out of the yes-we-can rallies eyes all a’glaze and not be able to recite anything barry said or state his position on anything other than “he voted against the war”. Which of course is a fairy tale that will go down as the most blatant fraud perpetrated on The American People (o-baaa-ma sheeples) in presidential election history. The ones who could answer most often said return of the middle class or universal healthcare, which were Sen Clinton’s stands. Anyway take the ten minutes to watch.

See if you find it funny as in Leno’s Jaywalking. Then take it a step further and realize that folks like these spent the last two years making personal attacks on barry’s opponents (including the tried and true cries of racism) instead of learning something about barry.

courtesy of talktozig

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