More righteous ignorance re: barry’s birth certificate

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January 3, 2009

They keep coming. The derisive and tired old racist comments about American citizens who want to know the truth about barry. My fellow citizens and I have no interest in preventing barry from being president – that would cause more rioting than the Gaza strip – we just want the propaganda and censorship to stop. We want the truth. The truth we deserve. The truth they should be ferreting out like they did with Gov Palin, Sen McCain – and it goes without saying – Sen Clinton. That’s it. The proobamedia has not done their job – which was to vet barry for the American People. Instead, they have put together propaganda and denial worthy of Pravda and Goebbels.

So here’s another ignorant of the facts blogger. He is commenting on the challenges to barry’s eligibility to be president. He doesn’t realize that he is just as ‘prejudiced’ as those he implies are racists and derogatorily calls “trollers” and “birfers”. The lawsuit he refers to has not a chance and, quite frankly, alleging that McCain and barry are ineligible to be POTUS because they are sitting senators is a tad wacko.

AOL Political Machines’s TOMMY CHRISTOPHER:

Our court system has become an internet message board writ large, and there are two new trolls spamming Lady Justice…

Oh, I get it. These two idiots are questioning Obama and McCain, so they can’t be racists, right? I mean, if successful, they would totally disqualify Obama from the Presidency, and McCain from…from presidential loserdom.

This entire movement to question Obama’s birth smacks of some kind of “ism.” As’s Christina Cedeno points out, there has never been any challenge like this made to any other candidate. Why Obama? What is it about him that makes them question the legitimacy of his native birth? Hmmmm.

These “birfers,” as they’re apparently being called now, don’t have even the tiniest fig leaf to hide behind. There’s no good reason to have asked about Obama’s birth certificate in the first place, let alone to still question it after it has been produced, verified, and certified.

Such energetic outrage! The “ism” is Obamerism. And the lame racist allegation is a bit cliche. barry was elected. He is biracial. Who cares. What matters is his “transparency, integrity and superior judgment” and the absolutely outrageous proclamation in Philly to The American People that he “WILL NEVER LIE TO YOU!”

He was at that very moment…and throughout the campaign…and throughout his mythologized autobiography and…

Why haven’t these bloggers asked themselves one simple question: Why does barry continue to refuse to submit his vault copy of his birth certificate?

What does barry have to lose? What is he gaining by not producing it? I understand his resistance during the primary and general election to get folks like Tommy to cry racism! But no longer. There is only one logical reason barry is still refusing — he has something to hide. What it is may have nothing to do with his “natural born” eligibility argument.

Mr Transparency has also refused to release his full medical and school records. Why are folks still buying this transparency crap? The history he has presented to The American People is largely of his own making. Who knows the truth other than his sister now that his grandmother has passed? And how much has she revealed? Been asked to reveal? Pressed to be reveal?

Tommy mistakenly writes that barry has produced his “birth certificate” and that it has been verified and certified. No, it has not. Had he – Berg’s case would not still be ongoing and SCOTUS would not be conferencing to decide its merit. What barry produced was the short form “Certification of Live Birth” which just means that there exists a long form that is the actual birth certificate. No need to go into it all over again. Go look for yourself on the official Hawaiian Department of Health website. Read up on the investigation of the COLB and make up your own mind, while asking yourself why he wouldn’t want to put an end to all this? And yes, he and the DNC are having to spend money to defend the lawsuits.

And the comment about why barry? Simple – Because he refuses to submit it.



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