Philip Berg & barry featured in the Globe

January 5, 2009

I don’t know what to say about this. Philip Berg is center spread talking about barry’s constitutional (in)eligibility to be POTUS. I’m not sure how SCOTUS is going to fell about this. It’s like the Inquirer breaking the story about John adulterer Edwards because the MSM and DNC wouldn’t until barry was elected and safely ensconced in Hawaii. They needed edwards to run to dilute the vote in Iowa to give barry a chance along with the bus loads of barry voters bussed in from Illinois and “college students”. edwards went through the whole charade knowing he couldn’t be president. That is a special type of evil. Imagine if these things were done so that barry lost?

For the record – I believe he was born in Hawaii. But there is a very good reason why he refuses to release his birth certificate and everything else. That needs full disclosure. The ball is in the SCOTUS hands.

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