While the Arab world sits silent

January 4, 2009

[Personal view not associated with this site.]

CNN: UN Security Council – no agreement

Libyan Ambassador Giadalla Ettalhi:

Unfortunately, the delegation of the United States has a clear position that is against any product or outcome from this meeting.

And the daughter of Moammar Gadhafi awarding the shoe thrower a medal of courage?

Who can take you seriously?

Blaming the US isn’t going to work this time.

The US has her own troubles and is tired of your senseless violence.

It is time the Arab world to police its own savages.

If Hamas wasn’t allowed to exist then Palestinians would not be being attacked.

Why the sudden urgency now that Israel – a recognized nation – not a terrorist regime – is defending her citizens?

Is the entire Arab World afraid of Iran?

Where were the meetings of the Arab League when Hamas disregarded the cease fire and began their unprovoked bombing of Israeli civilians?

Where was the concern for the innocent Palestinians then?

The entire world now knows you are not interested in the plight of the suffering Palestinians.

Where is the call to Hamas to stop hiding like emasculated filthy vermin in the midst of innocent women and children?

Why do they stockpile food and medical supplies so the citizens have none?

And why have you been allowing it?

Why do we only see women and children on Arab TV when they can be used as propaganda to promote hate and more violence?

Why do we see groups of able-bodied men standing by and doing nothing to help the victims?

Why do non-Arab nations have to try to resolve something Arab nations have allowed to continue and even encouraged?

By doing nothing and allowing the violence to continue, the entire Arab world is guilty.

You cannot hide it anymore.

Anti-Semitic propaganda can’t hide it.

Hate for Western infidels can’t hide it.

It is loud and clear.

As is the European Union’s complacency and lack of involvement.

Only now are they stepping in when it is clear the US refuses to give in to terror.

How much money has France given toward humanitarian rescue of the innocent Palestinians?

How many Arab and European countries have opened their borders to the suffering Palestinians?

Egypt: Is it easier to get arms in or allow refugees out?

Who in the Arab world has true courage?

Courage that does not involve human detonation?

Women of the Arab world stand up and first be mothers – not wives to savages.

What type of mother allows her child to be used as an explosive device?

What type of mother willingly lies down with a man, who seeks only to breed more hate?

What type of mother brings life into existence, only to see her own flesh and blood willingly destroy another mother’s flesh and blood?

How is that an honorable death? An honorable life?

How is that anything other than delusional madness?

Is there nothing sacred in the Arab world?

For if every human life is not sacred – even your enemy’s – then none are.

Not even your own.

Arab women stand up for yourselves and stop the violence.


You hold the power of peace within your hands and your wombs.

The West sees your plight – but you have to want to change.

You must stand up for yourselves and the human lives you willingly create.

Stop mutilating your daughters’ genitals.

Have the courage to say no more.

It is not a custom, unless you choose to perpetuate it.

It is an unnecessary act of savagery.

It is a crime against all women.

And it is an act against God, who created your child as she should be.

Which Arab country is going to lead the way?

You have been exposed – every single one of you.

The whole world is watching you stand by and do nothing but scream more hate and promise years of retribution.

What is a moderate Arab nation when you do nothing to intervene before the violence escalates?

You are cowards.

You do not seek peace.

You thrive on violence, using Islam as a shield.

No true religion uses a Holy Book and Holy teachings to promote death and destruction.

None of you truly care about the Palestinian people other than as pawns to incite and justify violence.

How else to interpret your inaction?

How long before you give fleeing Hamas members refuge, money, weaponry and a ride to Iraq or Afghanistan or New York to displace their hate on Americans?

It will no longer work.

Your apathy and tacit approval has been exposed.

Your desire to incite hate and your now patently obvious reluctance to broker peace has been exposed.

Who among you would not be doing what Hamas is doing if you could get away with it?

How many of you are funding Hamas? Feeding them? Outfitting them with arms and intelligence? Fighting alongside them? Allowing them to train in your lands?

Hamas is surrounded on all sides – they are not capable of violence without external assistance.

The Arab world is and has been helping them.

Each one of you has been helping, as you have done nothing to stop it.

And it cannot be masked with 24 hour news coverage of bloody victims.

What civilized nation shows such images simply to promote hate just to ensure innocent children grow up hating like their parents – just to keep the conflict breeding?

How many of your camera crews help the injured women and children they so callously film?

Have you no souls?

Is there nothing sacred in the Arab world?

How much dignity does a woman or young girl have in the Arab world if her hair covering and clothing are ripped open while she lies suffering, just to film her injury?

How is the world to respect you when you don’t respect the dignity of your own women and children – even in their naked moments of suffering?

Where was your concern for the innocent Palestinians when weapons, men and money were smuggled in to Hamas – by you?

How can you look at the world with an honest face and expect us to believe you knew nothing and contributed nothing to aid in their fight?

You are guilty.

All of you.

And it can no longer be hidden.

Your laying blame on non-Arab countries will no longer work.

You have been exposed as nations who do not seek peace.

Therefore, you are nations who sanction war.

Nothing will change that.

Not even God or Allah as a justification for a “Holy War”.

Have you no shame at your impotence?

Your inability to control your own savagery?

How is it a matter of honor to live only to kill?

You are delusional to believe that you will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Take care of your own savagery.

Root out the pestilence within your own garden before you complain about your neighbor’s infestation.

You – all of you – have allowed Hamas to remain in power.

They are there because they serve your purpose: the complete destruction of Israel.

Just like Hezbollah, al Qaeda and other radical Islamic extremists, who thrive unsanctioned within your borders.

Does it make your country proud to be known as producers and sanctioners of evil?

That indiscriminate violence and hate and torture of women is what your countries are known for?

What kind of beasts behead human beings?

Only a nation of savages, who have not yet evolved from cavemen, would consider such acts.

You fester evil and then export it to the world.

Does that make you proud?

You cannot possible expect rational beings to believe that Allah is in any way associated with such blind hate.

It is your fault and your fault alone this is happening.

You allow terrorism to incubate and thrive – you suffer the consequences.

And you allow the Palestinians to suffer because of your laziness and cowardice.

You allow Iran to dictate the violence in your own backyards.

You are just as impotent as the Palestinians.

The West’s sympathy is for the innocent victims – not the Arab World who sits by silent.

For that there is no disdain greater, no more wicked a sin.

The West now knows exactly who you are and what you are truly interested in.

You are not interested in the suffering of the Palestinians.

You are not interested in promoting peace.

You are not interested in affording your women and children basic human rights.

You are interested in the annihilation of Israel and her women and children.

You are interested in the destruction of democracy and equality under the law.

You are interested in promoting terrorism and indiscriminate death and destruction.

And for that you will aways be viewed as hate-filled nations and Islam – the allegedly justification you hide behind – will always be viewed as a religion of hate.

Do you want to change this perception?

Do something.

Do something that involves goodness – not hate.

Until then, you will be viewed as despicable nations, who do not value the sanctity of human life.

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