Berg v Obama DENIED by SCOTUS

January 12, 2009

No surprise.

08-570 BERG v OBAMA (order)

The motion of Bill Anderson for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae is granted.

The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment is DENIED.

See Berg update for future proceedings.

1-23-09 Lightfoot v Obama

Will put up the summary of Lightfoot.

One Response to “Berg v Obama DENIED by SCOTUS”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hey stophate-

    I’m with you on berg. The tone of his press releases are off and he uses!!!! Awfully strange for a lawyer who’s trying to sue the POTUS and be taken seriously. Two of his cases are all but dead but he has one that has been sealed. That is the one I’ve been curious about. But if it’s sealed – is it really about barry? I find the calls for cash rather off-putting but all these lawyers are footing the bill themselves and it’s better them than bernie madoff, Benny Hin or the Nigerians.

    What is most concerning in all of this – that even you should be concerned about – barry & Biden met with the Supreme Court on January 14th. It was a secret meeting with none of they typical barry fanfare.

    The first black president of the Harvard Law Review and self-proclaimed constitutional law professor doesn’t want the whole scene videotaped for posterity and broadcast live to the cosmos like everything else? Not happening. He’s followed by a film crew when he’s just walking around the WH.

    And it’s not a standard “protocol” visit like it was billed. Clinton/Gore went on 12-8-1992 (massive hoopla) and Reagan/Bush on 11-19-1980. Both visits were initiated by the incoming presidents. In this case, Roberts “requested” they come.

    Now add that Jeff Minear, counselor to Chief Justice Roberts, Gregory Craig, barry’s soon to be White House counsel and Alan Hoffman, Biden’s deputy chief of staff were also present.


    Clinton and Gore did not arrive with counsel. I don’t know about Reagan/Bush.

    Add to that Justice Alito was willingly not present. It was not a spur of the moment drop in visit – the invite was sent out Dec 5th. And it wasn’t because barry and biden didn’t vote for him. They didn’t vote for Roberts either and I’m sure Justice Thomas remembers all too well Biden’s objections. Alito was present just prior in the day’s court hearings – he chose to have nothing to do with it.

    Most disturbingly, cases were before the Court – as in their possession – that they has not ruled on regarding defendants barry and Biden.

    No matter what you say or believe – no matter what went on – no matter if they were just having tea and crumpets and talking the Super Bowl – it was an inappropriate meeting.

    Period. Defendants do not meet with the judge(s) before the case is ruled on.

    It would have been inappropriate if they were having lunch in a public restaurant with the press surrounding them.

    But this was way beyond inappropriate – it took place behind closed doors with just their respective lawyers in attendance. No clerks, no reporters, no film crews, and no written, audio or videotape exists of what was discussed.


    Photographs were taken and the body language was more revealing that the 5 presidents in the Oval Office. If interested – here.

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