VP Cheney: Official Certification of Electoral College vote

January 15, 2009

Updated list of birth certificate posts

I realized when I was watching Mr Burris get sworn in that VP Dick Cheney never asked: “If there be no objection…” after the official tally and certification of the electoral votes. In 2001, the Democrats had objected strenuously to Bush – but Gore in a strange twist as VP disallowed them.

Video from cspan junkie.(8:20)

Cheney: Without objection, the tellers will dispense with reading formal portions of the certificates.

Is that enough?

Rep Brady (D-PA) got a big laugh when he read that Ohio’s vote was “regular in form and authentic.”

(31:00) final official results.

Cheney’s official proclamation (34:00) but no final request for objections. Maybe it’s not required.

He finished:

The purpose of the joint session having been concluded pursuant to the Senate concurrent resolution 1, 111th Congress, the Chair declares the joint session dissolved.

How many people sitting there knew the truth?

They are all complicit.

One step closer to a More Perfect Union?


Counting Electoral Votes in Congress

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