UPDATE 14: barry’s birth certificate

January 16, 2009

You asked for a summary update. I see I still haven’t posted the Lightfoot summary. Not that it matters.

(12-14) Senate Resolution: McCain “natural born” (not Constitutionally legal)

(12-29) Official Certification of Nomination (Nanci Pelosi fraud)

(12-29) UPDATE 13 (Comprehensive list, documents, Donofrio/Wrotnowski)

(12-29) How little is known about barry (List of documents)

(1-3) Ignorance re: barry’s birth certificate

(1-3) barry’s Certification of Live Birth (COLB)

(1-5) berg & barry featured in the Globe

(1-5) Obama v obama divorce record

(1-9) No decision by SCOTUS

(1-9) Col Hollister v barry soetoro

(1-9) barry’s Indonesian school record (Copy)

(1-11) barry’s Illinois attorney registration (Copy)

(1-11) Berg radio interview

(1-11) Why won’t the proobamedia air this ad?

(1-12) Berg v obama denied by SCOTUS

(1-12) Berg’s comments on SCOTUS denial

(1-16) Berg’s letter to Members of Congress

Dr “Ron Polarik’s” website (proof of forgery)
Philip Berg obamacrimes
Leo Donofrio Natural Born Citizen
Robert Schultz We The People
America Must Know lawsuit list
The Obama File comprehensive site
Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias (original site)

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