UPDATED: Before, during, after, wife video Flight 1549

January 17, 2009

Flight 1549 posts

Actual surveillance video of USAIR Flight 1549 setting down on the water. It’s not a crash. He lands with the nose up. This pilot – Captain Chelsey Sullenberger is absolutely amazing. The whole thing is amazing – especially how quickly it stops. No audio. The videos each show a different view and the last is an interview with his wife and daughters.

There was a cellphone video of the plane flying over the Bronx Zoo before it lands put it was removed for some reason.


Watch the extreme of right side of screen – almost out of the frame – at (1:18) a man slips and falls in and another guy immediately pulls him out. The longer version (in playlist) shows the three boats converging on the plane at 4, 6:30 & 7:30 minutes after a splash landing in the middle of the Hudson River.

CNN via brkcmo93

A different angle. You can see the plane splash down in a controlled manner with the nose up. He flew that plane all the way down to the water. Genius.


Still another view that complements the one above. (0:20 – 0:40)


Interview with Lori Sullenberger and two daughters

Captain Sullenberger III – USAIR 1549 pix

(1-19) Video simulation flight 1549 + hijacked Ethiopian flight 961 crash landing into Indian Ocean

(1-22) Doors opening, inflatable slider, people getting out, ferry rescue, drifting down the river

(1-23) Pedestrians’ live reaction to landing

“Welcome Home”

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