Captain Sullenberger no show on The Today Show

January 19, 2009

Flight 1549 posts

Captain Chesley Sullenberger III was to appear on The Today Show today with Matt Lauer. He did not. He and the crew and their families have been invited to the Inauguration.

MATT LAUER: He was scheduled to be with us this morning for his first interview since that incident. The pilot’s union, though, asked us to delay that interview, saying they really would prefer the investigation move a little bit farther down the road before Captain Sullenberger makes comments in the media.

We have been guaranteed we’ll still have the first interview with Captain Sullenberger – we’re just going to delay it for a few days. We completely understand their request.

Anyone find this curious? Is he that reluctant to be in the public eye? Is barry selfishly waiting to introduce him at the Inauguration? Is there something more? I still find it odd that his wife said “he’s in seclusion” and that they haven’t talked much. Who else was on that plane?

Foul play or just fowl?

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