The smoothest transition ever?

January 19, 2009

Everything barry does is the best ever! He is getting rave reviews for the smoothest transition in history:

Despite his two top aides Valerie Jarrett (talked with SEIU) and Rahm Emanuel (talked with blago multiple times) and barry himself having to be interviewed by the Feds because of their involvement with Blagojevich.

Despite his pick to head the National Economic Council, Larry Summers, who thinks women’s minds are innately defective and not geared to mathematics and the sciences and that it’s ok for pollution to be exported to undeveloped countries because it’s cheaper to treat their potential health hazards.

Despite his pick for Commerce Secretary, Bill Richardson being involved in a federal investigation with more proof at present than blago’s own alleged pay-to-play scheme.

Despite his appointee for National Intelligence Admiral Blair’s questionable involvement in Indonesia.

Despite his Treasury Secretary (who will head the IRS) Tim Geitner – not paying his taxes (“an innocent mistake”) even after he was audited and oh by the way didn’t know that his housekeeper was an illegal alien.

Despite his pick for Attorney General, Eric Holder “forgot” to mention his involvement with blagojevich.

Despite his pick to head the CIA Leon Panetta has no intelligence experience .

Despite his first choice for CIA John Brennan had to bow out because of his – however nebulous – involvement with Bush’s policy on harsh interrogation.

I’m sure there are more. And then there are the lobbyists barry was going to root out!

How blind are folks? A

nd barry’s famed reaching across the aisle that he has no personal history of doing? He’s laying the load on Sen McCain should something fall through and of course he needs McCain in the Senate, since McCain has a proven track record of acting and making a deciding vote.

Everything barry does is politically expedient. The only way the proobamedia is going to see that is when he actually has to act. So far he has been consistently “redefining” his view on almost everything.

Does anyone know his views on illegal immigration?

What’s his latest on Iraq? Taxes? Guantanamo Bay?

And many many more.

Yes, he has sought McCain’s counsel – but has he publicly apologized for his comment in the debate–the last thing the electorate heard–that McCain’s supporters were yelling “kill him”? It was a complete falsehood. But how are people to know that when the MSM is ignorant of the facts – still. And did barry ever make a stand on Rep Lewis’ comments comparing McCain to George Wallace? No.

Uniter? Transcender of Race? Mr Transparency?


Who still is buying that?

And the release of his birth certificate? A list of his donors? His school and medical records?

How is that anything but a typical barry obamanation?

What is it going to take folks?

Barry’s first unilateral decision with consequences will be as Commander in Chief and may very well be at 3am on 1/21.

You ok with that?


barry’s judgment on display:
Smoothest transition ever?
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