video sim of flight 1549 + hijacked Ethiopian flight 961

January 19, 2009

Flight 1549 posts

Pretty cool simulation of the flight and the landing.


Here’s the video of hijacked Ethiopian Flight 961 crashing off the beach of the Comoros Islands into the Indian Ocean on November 23, 1996. The hijackers wanted to go to Australia and knew they weren’t going to make it. They wanted to die. It was the deadliest hijacking in aviation history prior to the savage beasts of 9-11. The initial water touchdown was fine but the engine snagged on a coral reef causing it to break up. Unfortunately, the folks who put on their life vests drowned because they could not swim down to get out of the plane. There were fifty survivors including the pilot and co-pilot. Wonder what they thought about Capt Sullenberger’s landing.

History Channel via shittinx

Captain Sullenberger III – USAIR 1549 pix

Videos: (1-17) Before, during, after, ferry rescue, wife and daughters

(1-22) Doors opening, inflatable slider, people getting out, ferry rescue, drifting down the river

(1-23) Pedestrians’ live reaction to landing

“Welcome Home Sully”

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