Occidental College Subpoena: relevant text

January 19, 2009

The American Independent Party is suing barry. Alan Keyes, presidential candidate, Wiley Drake VP candidate and Markham Robinson Chairman of the American Independent Party. It’s being handled by Gary Kreep and Orly Taitz – the same attorney for Gail Lightfoot et al – and has the same premise. Lightfoot being Ron Paul’s vice presidential candidate.

In case you don’t know, Alan Keyes was the last minute GOP replacement to oppose barry in his 2004 US Senate race. barry’s opponent had to drop out because his sealed divorce records were made public in a not so mysterious happenstance. And in true barry style, after the judge ruled and it was a done deal barry said they shouldn’t be used.

They were able to secure a subpoena for barry’s records from Occidental College. Relevant text. See links below for background and the full subpoena.

1-15-09 Keyes, Drake, Robinson v Debra Bowen, California Secretary of State, Obama and Biden et al.

Subpoena: Occidental College, Los Angeles, California

Academia and housing records of Barack Hussein Obama, including but not limited to approximately two years September 1979 to June 1981.


These documents are material to the issues in this case in that they are relevant to the following issues in this litigation.

The gravamen of the Petition is the question as to whether United States Senator Barack Hussein Obama, of Illinois, is eligible to be President of the United States pursuant to the requirements of that office in the United States Constitution. The records sought may provide documentary evidence, and/or admission by said Defendant, as to said eligibility or lack thereof.

Senator Obama has filed responsive pleadings in this matter and is represented by counsel, and has the opportunity to this production should he so desire.

Good cause exists for this production under the Subpoena Duces Tecum, in that the testimony will be elicited from the original records obtained from the witness named herein, and there is no other process available to secure said testimony.


Keyes v Bowen: Explanation and Links
11-13 Keyes v Bowen: Petition for Writ of Mandate

1-15 Occidental College Subpoena: Relevant text
1-15 Occidental College Subpoena: Official pdf

2-11 Occidental College Subpoena: Motion to Quash (text)
2-11 Occidental College Subpoena: Notice of Motion to Quash (pdf)
2-11 Occidental College Subpoena: Motion to Quash (pdf)
2-20 Occidental College Subpoena: Discussion of Motion to Quash

2-24 Keyes: “Obama is a radical Communist!”

3-13 Scheduled Hearing

*3-13 Occidental College Subpoena: QUASHED

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