Lightfoot v Bowen disappeared off SCOTUS

January 22, 2009

Birth certificate posts

Well, I am not a conspiracist…but what the hell is going on? barry’s in power one day and Lightfoot v Bowen has disappeared off the docket/website. Poof! It’s still in the google cache and is the same as in the previous post – the last entry a request for recusal – but I can’t find it on the Supreme Court website.

It was due to be conferenced 1-23-09 and as far as I know it was not dismissed.

Anyone? = The requested URL /docket/08a524.htm was not found on this server.

Are they prepared for a revolt of the bolsheviks?

In our own little world – this site – mysteriously seized up and quit over the weekend and has been extremely slowly in loading since then. Our original site on blogger – goggle just stopped crawling. Nothing for the entire month of November. It’s why we came over here. Then Technorati stopped pinging it mid-December and they have not once responded to our emails. I’ll have to go check if they’re still pinging us here…

UPDATE: It’s back up.

And sure enough – Technorati no pings for the last 24 hours despite 20 posts. This is getting beyond big brother. Time to take off the tinfoil hat and cover my windows with it!

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