Lightfoot v Bowen is back

January 22, 2009

[Disappeared off docket]

Don’t know the exact difficulty but Lightfoot v Bowen is back up on the Supreme Court docket. It is still alive (on paper) and is still scheduled for conference tomorrow.

How can the Court even look at something they have already intervened on? What is Roberts going to say? Uh-oh x 2? Their secret little meeting with barry and biden and their respective counsel says it all.

4 Responses to “Lightfoot v Bowen is back”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hi Terri. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I know what I’m talking about. And, as I’ve said before, I personally don’t care if he presents anything or even if he is a natural born citizen. Nothing is going to take him out of office.

    Our beef here is with the media who has not and continues to not vet him. The media has been corrupted. They have a duty to represent The American People and investigate things we cannot. They have not. Things they have investigated as regards both Clintons, Sen McCain and Gov Palin. The same standards were not and are still not being applied.


    And why are The American People allowing it to go on?

    That is wrong and it should worry every American, whether or not they are a barry supporter.

    They have been directly involved in censorship, embargoing, pro-barry propaganda and journalistic malpractice.

    They have admitted to their probarry bias and have done nothing to rectify it.


    You are aware that the Secret Service and Intelligence community know what he is and (hopefully) who he really is. They have seen his passport. They know where he as been – including whether or not he was “in the pew”.

    They have said nothing.

    They have done nothing to intervene and put an end to the lawsuits that continue even now.


    Have you ever allowed yourself to just imagine if it were to be true?

    What the ramifications would be?

    Just give it a moment of thought.

  2. mattie14 Says:

    Hi Terry. Not sure it can getting any clearer than that post. I don’t know if you read it but he did not provide a birth certificate. He has never provided his actual birth certificate with the name of the doctor and hospital and corroboratable facts.

    He provided a short form COLB. It is not the same thing. He has never provided his actual birth certificate. His COLB was examined and found to be in accordance with Hawaii law. She did not say a thing about where he was born or what was on it.

    And as I explained – he could have been born anywhere and still gotten a COLB legally from the state of Hawaii. His sister was born in Indonesia ansd she has a perfectly legal Hawaii COLB. Dr Fukino would say the same thing about hers.

    Again. It comes down to the same question. Why is he not releasing it when it would put the controversy to bed once and for all?

    Why didn’t he release it right away to stop the lawsuits from ever even happening?

    Why is he at this very moment still spending money to prevent its release?

    And as I said – no one would have to see that record except one judge.

    Why would a man legally born in Hawaii with legal proof of his birth not present it? Why would he not want to print it in every newspaper so the controversy would go away? If there was something embarrassing – he could present it to one person who could then seal the record.

    He is a constitutional lawyer who of all things claims “transparency”?

    You say noone has the right to ask for it. So far that is what the Court has ruled.

    But why should anyone have to ask when he says he is transparent?

    To be transparent one has to be transparent in all things.

    It is all or nothing with no exceptions.

    He is not being transparent even as he claims it.


  3. mattie14 Says:

    Here is the law concerning children born outside the US – which is what Berg is contending. The dates are pertinent.

    People born between December 23, 1952 and November 13, 1986

    When one parent was a US citizen and the other a foreign national, the US citizen parent must have resided in the US for a total of 10 years prior to the birth of the child, with five of the years after the age of 14.

    His mother was not yet 19

    As for the lawyers – Donofrio, Wrotnowski, Lightfoot and Keyes did/are not suing barry thus there would be no barry lawyers. They are/did sue the Secretary of State who are responsible for ensuring the candidate is eligible before their name was put on the ballot.

    “these certs were done in very state those Birther suits are againt the resondants (see cases in SCOTUS which state name of each state attorney general , Obama named only in Berg’s suit, but Obama ignored and did not respond to Berg (I guess the judge laughed) Obama spent almost nothing! Look up each case and try to find an Obama lawyer, there are none!

    some people hate Obama so much they will accept any crap”

    Now this is downright funny. barry and the DNC are the defendants in the initial Berg case. He spent a lot more than “almost nothing” and is still spending it. As long as Berg’s cases are alive – barry’s lawyers are being paid. Who do you think has been fighting these cases? Who do you think Berg has been suing? Who do you think is responding? Go to Berg’s website or not and look at the actual court documents with barry and the DNC’s lawyers names right on them.

    And it appears you are not aware of the other two cases berg has. One is Hollister v barry soetoro. Berg is serving as the interpleader, which places the burden of proof onto barry. He must prove he is constitutionally eligible vs berg proving barry is not. Col Hollister has standing whereas Berg does not.

    berg also has another case under seal that involves barry. There is no way you can find out who barry’s lawyers are or the case detail but barry is at least one of the defendants.

    Bottomline. barry is still at the very least paying money to his initial lawyers. What happens with White House counsel and whether they inherit anything now that barry is president I don’t know. But I do know that barry’s WH counsel Gregory Craig (who made sure barry took the oath again) was in the Jan 14th meeting barry and biden and with the Supreme Court Justices. Justice Alito was the only Justice not in attendance.

    And the same question remains: Why keep spending time and money fighting something that could be cleared up in 24 hours with less than $20?

  4. mattie14 Says:

    Hi richcares. Thanks for the excellent info and the time it took to put together.

    Doesn’t #7 have the stipulation – five years after the age of 14? His mother was not yet 19.

    You are right about #1. Personally, the idea of him being born in Kenya (or Canada – someone was allegedly born with the name Barack Hussein Obama) seems completely unreasonable – moneywise if nothing else. Plus barry Sr’s family was intensely against the marriage. Could be because he was already married with a child and one on the way when he left for Hawaii.

    The theory of his dual citizenship – US & British (Kenya under colonial rule) was dismissed by the Supreme Court. (Donofrio & Wrotnowski)

    Then there’s the question as to whether he gave up his US citizenship when he was living in Indonesia ages 6-10. In order to go to school he had to be a citizen of Indonesia and there was no stipulation for dual citizenship at the time. The US government and Intelligency agencies have seen his passport – before and after it was hacked into. Why haven’t they cleared it up?

    The question then becomes: if it’s as simple as #1 – why hasn’t he produced his long form birth certificate to prove it? The COLB means nothing as far as substantiating his birthplace with corroboratable facts (Dr’s signature, footprint, hospital). Foreign born children could get a COLB with the word of one family member. His sister, who was born in Indonesia, has one.

    It comes down to why doesn’t he release it?

    He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting all these cases and has more ongoing – some of which haven’t even reached the appeal stage.

    Why keep spending time and money fighting something that could be cleared up in 24 hours with less than $20?

    It defies intelligence. And he is anything but dumb.

    Thanks again for adding that. We don’t have it anywhere on the site. Much appreciated.

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