What is barry hiding and why?

January 22, 2009

Bottom line on barry.

Nobody can prove/disprove anything until he releases his actual birth certificate. He has produced a COLB, which could have been obtained even if he was born in the manger. One family member’s testimony is all it took.

Only two facts matter:

1-His sister Maya has a COLB. She was indisputably born in Indonesia. Absolute proof that a COLB can be obtained for foreign born children and by his own family.

2-barry has refused to release his long copy birth certificate and is still fighting in court to keep it sealed. He was careful enough to take the oath twice to make sure he was “legally” sworn in but doesn’t want to prove he is eligible to be sworn in at all?


Why doesn’t he want to release it or any of the other records he has refused to release, including his full medical history?

Why would you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and continue to resist if the matter could be cleared up in 24 hours with less than $20?

It defies reality.

And if you were a constitutional lawyer proclaiming transparency?

He is at the very least a liar.

He has in no way been transparent – even as he speaks such words.

I don’t care what is on that birth certificate. I don’t care what is in his medical and school records. I really don’t care who he is.

I care that he hasn’t released his records. I care that he continues to fight any and all efforts to compel him to do so.

He is hiding something. However insignificant.

And I very much care that the press, the Supreme Court, the Secret Service and Intelligence Agencies are (and have been) permitting it.


And why does that not concern you?

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