“Welcome Home, Captain Sullenberger!”

January 24, 2009

Flight 1549 posts

Capt Sullenberger is finally going public. Mayor Newell Anerich has put together a welcome home rally today (1pm) in his honor on “Danville’s [California] Town Green”. I imagine it is what it sounds. He agreed to participate only if was low key and locals. He will not be talking about the happenings – just thanking everyone for their support.

If one were to be a conspiracist…one might wonder about the randomness…the live cameras with some type of directed surveillance…a perfect resume…

Never happen – especially in New York and nowhere else that rescue could’ve have happened but New York. He actually looked for the busiest stretch of the river to ensure the quickest rescue. Six minutes the flight was in the air. Utterly amazing.

First time he’ll be sleeping in his own bed and 400 press are descending. If they really wanted to thank him they’d leave him alone.

Source: Bay Area News



Captain Sullenberger III – USAIR 1549 pix
(1-24) Sully & Lori Sullenberger mini-speeches back home in Danville.

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