USAIR Flight 1549: passenger and first responder stories

January 26, 2009

There are alot of amazing stories detailing actions of the flight crew, passengers and first responders. Also a story about problems two days prior. All worth a look. Especially the story by HEIDI EVANS in the Daily News about the eldest passenger, 85 y/o Lucille Palmer and her 47 y/o daughter, Diane Higgins. Palmer said: “Just leave me – you go.”

passenger/first responders in the New York Post detailing first responder and passenger accounts. And yes, in case you were wondering, there was someone on the flight who had a relative murdered on 9-11 by the savage beasts who hopefully are now burning in hell. And yes, someone didn’t want to leave without their luggage and had to be shoved off.

passenger stories: “One willing to talk was Vince Spera, 39, who works for the California-based Pacific Life Insurance Company. He said he was scared but something in Sullenberger’s voice told him everything would be okay. “I never thought I was gonna die,” he said.”

Article by a local describing the Hudson and has ferry boat comments.

Trouble on USAIR Flight 1549 on 1-13-09

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