Inauguration pix: Flight 1549 flight crew

January 26, 2009

Great pix taken by STEVE JURVETSON, which shows what great seats the flight crew had at the Inauguration. Look at the blue stairs. At the bottom of the white railing is a photographer. To his/her left are the Flight Crew: Capt Sullenberger, Jeffrey Skiles and Donna Dent. Have they actually flown again in official capacity? Think about that folks. They had to fly to wherever they were going. I wonder if it was harder to be a passenger or the flight crew. To the photographer’s right is Arnold Schwartzenegger and down the row and up one is Magic Johnson.

In the row behind Skiles/Sullenberger is Chicago’s Mayor Daley (hat), Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (poncho), Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (orange scarf). I don’t know who the green Sox cap wearing guy is. Only a soxfan would be so classless. Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, who wouldn’t sign Sen Burris’ appointment form, is three rows up behind Mrs Obama. (Her mouth looks very strange.) Chelsea Clinton is standing in the top row directly over barry’s head. I think Donna Brazile is two rows down from her hidden behind her camera.

(Photos: Courtesy of STEVE JURVETSON

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Capt Sullenberger, Senator and Baseball Hall of Fame (pitcher) Jim Bunning (R-KY), Co-pilot Jeff Skiles

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