What’s Donofrio up to lately?

February 2, 2009

I was tidying up my toolbar and was about to delete my RSS from Donofrio because I thought he had said he was done after Wrotnowski. Frankly, that last post made me wonder if he was a partaker of the same herbs barry and it seems his brother enjoy. It was about barry’s mother and Satan or something. Totally weird. So I clicked and he has had some recent postings. The Kerchner case, Texas Grand Jury indicting Cheney and Gonzales, and a (1-31) post on active military being told to disobey orders,. He said he was investigating how an active military member could bring suit whereas retired Hollister – a hypothetical potential – cannot. Nobody has standing. He ends it with more to come…Next comes his aptly named (2-1) post “Truce” says he’s stepping away, which I had thought he had done before. In it he speaks of bots showing up at his chess matches (previously his citizenspook blog had been hacked) and includes an account of what happened when he went to file the brief in DC on November 3rd. It reads like a mystery novel and has a soundtrack to accompany it.

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