Flight 1549 upcoming appearances

February 3, 2009

Upcoming appearances

(2-8-09) 60 Minutes – Katie Couric gets the first [Sullenberger] interview, portions of which could air on “The CBS Evening News” this week.

(2-9-09) The Early Show — Sullenberger talks to Harry Smith and will be joined by family and flight crew: First Officer Jeffrey Skiles, and flight attendants Donna Dent, Doreen Welsh and Sheila Dail .

(2-10-09) Late Show With David Letterman – Sullenberger and flight crew.

Notice no NBC. Matt Lauer is pouting and putting his ego before the heroics of the crew and his audience.

2-1-09 Honored at the Super Bowl – wasn’t this enough?

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Upcoming appearances
Richard Branson offers Sully a position at Virgin Air

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