Super Bowl: Flight Crew 1549 honored

February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Looks like NBC got their interview afterall and scooped Katie Couric in a huge way. The Crew of Flight 1549 were honored at the Super Bowl right after Faith Hill’s spectacular rendition of God Bless America. Not sure they could have gotten a louder ovation – even the players were clapping and shaking their heads. They were all smiling but still humble and slightly shocked. Doreen Welsh had her steelers towel in her hand. Sullenberger has come a long way since his hometown speech were he said 73 words. He looked Californian with his silk collarless T-shit and walked like an the retired USAF he is. He stood erect honoring the flag during the National Anthem (unlike our Commander in Chief). Wonder where his wife, Lori and his was and whether all their families were there.

Commissioner Robert Goodell & Capt “Sully” before the game




Doreen Welsh, Sheila Dail, Donna Dent, Captain Sully Sullenberger, Jeff Skiles

Welsh is from PA and she walked out with her gold Steelers towel. Flight or no flight this had to rank up there in her dreams. Glad they won.

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