What’s in a (doll’s) name?

February 3, 2009

If there were Beanie Babies when Caroline Kennedy was living in the White House would there have been a Cute Caroline or Sweet Caroline doll?

Ty, Inc who had originally named their new “Ty Girlz” dolls “Sweet Sasha” & “Marvelous Malia” had to reissue new birth certificates (runs in the family). They are now “Sweet Sydney” & “Marvelous Mariah”.

Using their own daughters on 4th of July and in People magazine spreads and whatever else was ok as long as they were getting paid and as long as daddy needed votes. Guess they weren’t getting any proceeds from the naming rights. When was the last day you went without seeing obama something or other?

How long before there are Malia and Sasha Obamadolls with the doll clothes designed by the First Lady Obama?

The dolls still look the same, smell the same, weigh the same, wear the same clothing, have the same size breasts, cost the same and the same children have the same dolls as they had before.

So are they confusing their dolls (or themselves) by giving them a new name?

How much more money is Ty going to make because the little girls (and boys and moms and dads) just have to have the “new” dolls?

Dolls in development: “Ambiguous Amber” & “Aka Anika”

Still on the drawing board: Barry the action figure Obama.

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