Early Show: Flight crew 1549 + passengers (video)

February 9, 2009

FLight 1549 posts

Video segments: Captain Sullenberger, Flight Crew and passengers. I think the team was a tad miffed about the editing of 60 Minutes – don’t blame them. They should have been given the whole hour. The flight attendants were given maybe two or three sentences – Donna Dent hardly was quoted at all.

Part 1Vodpod videos no longer available.

Captain Sullenberger: My First Officer Jeff, whom I couldn’t have done this without…I should also say, this entire experience has been too much about Sully and not enough about the team. Without our flight attendants Donna, Doreen and Sheila, we would not have had the same outcome….I was confident I could do it.

Jeff said he ‘would rather have done it in July’.

I was willing to sacrifice the airplane to save the lives of the people, obviously.

Concentrating on doing our jobs.

Part 2 Flight Crew: First Officer Jeff Skiles, Donna Dent, Doreen Welsh and Sheila Dail.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Part 3

Passengers: they met with some in North Carolina and now New York. They didn’t say how many total – but some of these folks had to fly there I imagine. The eldest passenger on the plane – Lucille Palmer, 85, was in the audience. Read the heartwarming story by Daily News’ HEIDI EVANS. A snippet.

When the announcement came, Mrs Palmer said to her 47 y/o daughter, Diane Higgins. “What did he say?”

Her daughter: “She held me and said, ‘I love you mom. We’re going down.’

When they landed mom said: “Just leave me – you go.”

And of course the daughter said: “No way I’m leaving you, Ma!” And immediately thereafter: “Please someone help me get my mother out!”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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