UPDATED: Crew of Flight 1549 awarded keys to the city

February 9, 2009

Flight 1549 posts

Flight 1549 Flight Crew is on the Early Show right now. I wonder how angry Matt Lauer still is. It’s infantile. Besides, the crew was first unveiled at the Super Bowl so they got their scoop. Not Matt himself but NBC none-the-less. Anyway, the crew will be presented the keys to the city by Mayor Bloomberg. He had said immediately after the landing: “It would appear that the pilot did a masterful job of landing the plane in the river, and then making sure everybody got out.”As to being called a hero:

UPDATED: US Airline Pilots Association spokesman Capt. James Ray and Association of Flight Attendants-CWA President Mike Flores also were on hand for the event. Flores praised the skill and determination of the first responders who rushed to the floating plane and helped secure the safety of all those aboard on that frigid day in January.

Mayor Bloomberg handed out the keys to the city to each flight crew member.

BLOOMBERG: This was a day that could have been one of our most tragic, but instead was one of our most triumphant. It’s been called a miracle, but in this case there is no miracle without the experience of these people.

It is now my great pleasure to introduce five real American heroes — the crew of US Airways Flight 1549.” He introduced Sullenberger as “Captain Cool himself”. He then presented him with a copy of a library book he had lost into the Hudson: “Just Culture: Balancing Safety and Accountability” and laughed, “No due date.”

FIRST OFFICER JEFF SKILES: I’ve learned that this has meaning for … people in the airline industry. I’ve talked to a lot of people … and this seems to have meaning for them personally. This seems to have people all over this country walk a little taller, be a little prouder when they come to work.

CAPT SULLENBERGER: I feel a great obligation to my co-workers and all aviation professionals … to be chosen by circumstance to be a temporary spokesperson and represent them as well as I can.

SULLENBERGER: I want to correct the record right now. This was a crew effort. [He said the same on the Early Show.]

I have not flown as a pilot since the event. I have flown several times as a passenger. I have visited my colleagues in the cockpit in flight and after a brief few seconds of it being not as familiar as usual – it quickly felt right at home.

He described the landing, and the subsequent surge in media attention as a “life-changing event”.



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