Larry King: Crew of Flight 1549 Part 2 (video)

February 11, 2009

Flight 1549 appearances

2-10 Flight 1549 Flight Crew
Flight 1549 crew (transcript)

Part 1 (7:21)
Part 2 (8:08)

2-11 Flight crew, passengers, rescuers
Flight 1549 crew, passengers, rescuers (transcript)
Flight 1549 passengers react to cockpit recording
Links to Larry King CNN video

The pilots and flight attendants discuss what they heard and did in their respective areas. Donna Dent was asked if she called the cockpit and she no said no that she knew there was a problem and they would call when and if they had a chance. Her eyes widen and start to tear up when she mentions the words “brace for impact” like she is reliving it that moment. Folks she is still terrified. She later says she “compartmentalizes it”. Problem is it won’t stay compartmentalized.


What’s curious at the very end is Sheila Dail is talking about her training taking over and she mentions her 28 years and then turns her head toward Welsh and says 38 years and then she just says and – but doesn’t mention Dent’s 26 years. There is something righteously afoul and I would like to know what it is.

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