Update (2-11): Flight 1549 crew appearances

February 10, 2009


The crew was on Larry King last night but they were preempted by barry. Very curious how they were seated. They’re at a triangular desk. Larry King is on one side with Capt Sullenberger on his left at the apex. Across from Larry is seated the crew and behind them on raised seats some passengers and others via video feed. Here’s a tease from CNN (unembeddable here). To the left of Sully is a passenger – to his left is Doreen Welsh, Jeff Skiles, Sheila Dail. Up in the back is Donna Dent and two other passengers. I presume Dent started out on the bottom and moved up when the passengers were brought on but I can’t tell from this.

Doreen Welsh was not at the Inauguration or the Inaugural Ball. She was in the rear of the plane and had an injured leg (only 2 folks were injured) but she hasn’t discussed whether she missed it because of that or because she didn’t want to fly. She is unable to put on her uniform. It’s a shame she wasn’t included in that photo. There was some tension between her and the crew on 60 Minutes, which might have had something to do with the fact they were sitting in a hangar next to an Airbus 320. Or not. Hopefully, her prime seating will help out. She has seniority.

They will also appear on David Letterman tonite.

1-20 Inauguration (pix)

2-1 Super Bowl (pix)

2-3 Rick Reilly ESPN video couple of sentences about seeing Sullenberger at Super Bowl

2-7 South Pacific Sullenberger family

2-8 60 Minutes Interview with Katie Couric:

Part 1 Text Captain Sullenberger account
Part 1 Video Captain Sullenberger account

Part 2 Text Flight Crew
Part 2 Video Flight Crew

Part 3 Text Passengers
Part 3 Video Passengers (a still photo of President and First Lady at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball with Capt Sullenberger, Jeff Skiles, Donna Dent and Sheila Dail.

2-9 Good Morning America (video)

2-9 Early Show (video)

2-9 Keys to the City

2-10 Larry King (taped the 9th preempted by barry)

Part 1 (7:21)
Part 2 (8:08)

2-10 David Letterman Jeff Skiles is funny.

David Letterman homemade video
David Letterman CBS video snippet

2-11 Larry King: Flight Crew, passengers and first responders

No NBC. The Today Show refused unless they were exclusive – they were supposed to be the original interview. I don’t understand the selfishness. Each show the story becomes more complete – especially with the passenger stories. It’s their audience who is going to be angry.

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