David Letterman: Crew of Flight 1549 (homemade video)

February 12, 2009

Full Letterman Show CBS video
Flight 1549 posts

Folks have asked for the full video of the crew on Letterman. There isn’t one I could find.

Here’s the video snippet provided by Letterman.

And I found these two homemade video segments on You Tube. They have the videomaker’s comments but if you haven’t seen it…

Part 2

CEO 300 C

Part 3


As far as the rear door opening:

I think it was Steve Martin who did that.

With a name like Chesley, Sully is just going to have to happen.


About clearing the George Washington Bridge by less than 1000 feet:

It’s better than zero feet.

It’s your job to re-start the engines:

I failed.

On talking about the flight:

I’m more than tired of telling this story.

Are you still in shock?

Going to the Inauguration, the Super Bowl and, of course, The Letterman Show helped me get over it.


Still in shock?

Still in shock, I think – I mean, I’m on the David Letterman show.


Ever hear ‘brace for impact’ come out of the cockpit?

No. Not ever.

Long pause. Ever hear that in any other aspect of your life?

[Watch Sully’s face]

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