Final comments COLB vs long form birth certificate

February 10, 2009

Hi Terri.

Thanks for information. Don’t be sorry about the length – you can write whatever you want. I put this out here because it will be my final comment on this matter…until he is found out. We’ve already discussed COLB vs long form birth certificate and the question of why couldn’t the factcheck COLB just be subpoenaed.

A couple of points. Dr Fukino verified that he has a long form birth certificate on file in accordance with Hawaiian law.

So let’s say it says he was born in Hawaii and let’s say that the COLB is all that is needed to prove his eligibility to be POTUS.

Thing is she did not put the two together. She did not verify that that exact COLB on factcheck was derived from the actual piece of paper she verified. She did not “certify” that the Factcheck COLB is legal like people have said. She verified one thing and a non-legal no Hawaiian source “proved” another. No connection. No one has put the two together. No one but a website linked to him however innocently.

No matter. I’ll concede 100% he was born in Hawaii, that his COLB is 100% legal and that the COLB – the factcheck COLB – is all that he needs to prove his eligibility.

I concede that all requirements have been met just like you laid out.

Now let’s go to barry. He said that that actual COLB is all that is needed and that he released it into the public domain for the entire world to see. Some people weren’t happy so he said go ahead and send it to a public website to be proven to be accurate. He sent it to factcheck who said yes it is 100% legal. And then he said because his COLB was proven accurate by factcheck- he is eligible to be POTUS. He then he said to factcheck release the COLB and the documentation into the public domain for all to see.

So he was born in Hawaii, the actual COLB on factcheck is derived from his legal birth certificate, that COLB is all that is needed to be POTUS and it is posted in the public domain for all to see as proof.

That’s the key. He put it out there to be checked. It was checked. It was released as absolute proof. It was then posted in the public domain on a public website for the public to see. And yet no one has been able to see it. The public is left to believe that one site is all it takes to prove it is real.

So if it is real – 100% real – why isn’t factcheck allowing anyone else – including the lawyers suing him – to see it?

It’s 100% legal, right? It’s already been posted in a public place, so what’s the problem?

The public doesn’t have a right to see it even though he put it out there for the expressed purpose for the public to see it as proof?

When you look at documents, do you trust one source? Do you believe that everything you see is true just because someone says it’s true? You cited two websites below – so clearly you believe at least two sites are needed to prove your point.

So why has not a single second source been able to see a document that has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be 100% accurate? So accurate that it is being referred to in court – the Supreme Court – as evidence?

That is the problem. That is what is wrong. It is absolutely immaterial to me whether he is eligible or not. I don’t like or dislike him. I believe he is a fraud and that makes me angry. It makes me angry that people who don’t understand what is really going on with the birth certificate issue continue to make arguments that show they have no understanding of it. It makes me angry that they are defending someone they know nothing about.

It makes me angry that his campaign people, his wife and his vice president know things aren’t right and yet continue to tell the American people to hold them accountable and when folks try he hides behind lawyers.

And it really makes me angry that the press has not done their job and is still not doing it. Some know the truth and have been intentionally withholding it and no one cares. Why? I understand why they wouldn’t want to be the first to reveal anything now because of how foolish it would make them look.

Can they get any more foolish looking that they did with their barry fawning?

Chuck Todd is just figuring out how barry obamanates and he is angry because it is making him look stupid for not getting answers. Welcome to the club, Chuckie T. What is his book really worth? His previous reporting? His integrity – personal and journalistic?

As much as I am enjoying the fact they are finally seeing what the nonobamerized have seen since day one – or those of us in Chicago have known all along – it doesn’t change the fact that they have not and still are not doing their job. And at this point it is too late. At this point there would be a revolt of massive proportion, not only in the black community in the US – eight million of whom (1/3 of eligible black voters) could not be bothered to register to vote, but also in the world.

You wonder why he gave his first interview to Arab TV? You wonder why he plans on giving a speech (what else) in Mecca in his first 100 days?

The US Government knows exactly who barry is and have neither confirmed or denied anything. They have seen his passport and I would hope to God they know where he was born and whether he became a citizen of Indonesia.

Why doesn’t that concern you no matter what is in it?

Why doesn’t it concern you that on Jan 14th barry and Biden met behind closed doors with the Supreme Court judges without anyone else present or a written public record of what occurred? Also present were Jeff Minear, counselor to Chief Justice Roberts, Gregory Craig, barry’s soon to be White House counsel and Alan Hoffman, Biden’s deputy chief of staff. If this was just a courtesy call – like it was billed – why the need for lawyers?

Why doesn’t it concern you that they went in covertly?

Why doesn’t it concern you that their private meeting took place without the general public knowing until after it happened?

That there was no fanfare. No usual barry photo-ops, no hoopla or speeches. A few pictures were released after the fact. (Very interesting body language.)

Gore and Clinton made it a huge publicity event as barry would have unless he didn’t want it noticed. Ever known barry to miss a photo-op?

Why wouldn’t a constitutional lawyer and first black head of the Harvard law Review not want documentation of his meeting with the Supreme Court judges prior to the Inuaugration?

barry has the press following him around everywhere with cameras blazing live. What event was more important and prestigious than meeting the Supreme Court judges for the first time, especially the man who will be swearing you in in a few days?

Do you really believe that oath of office was accidentally messed up? Why did Gregory Craig (present at their secret meeting) make them do it again? And why wasn’t there videotape of it?

Why was Judge Alito absent? It was not by accident. It was intentional.

Is he the only one with a conscience?

Most of all, why does it not concern anyone that the Supreme Court completely compromised themselves?

There were cases before them concerning both barry and Biden. They had their little meeting behind closed doors and even if it was completely innocent, it was not appropriate legally. Hollister v Soetoro/Biden was to be conferenced on Jan 16th and on Jan 7th they had distributed Lightfoot v Bowen to the court to be conferenced on Jan 23rd. So they knew what they were doing and they knew it was wrong.

So how impartial were their rulings? They weren’t. They were tainted. Period.

It makes me angry that barry people dismiss evidence that is presented to their face and prefer to personally attack the people presenting it instead of first thinking or considering or questioning why someone who claims transparency is anything but.

It makes me angry that my fellow Americans are being conned – even if it does not seem to bother them. I refuse to be conned as do the rest of the non-obamerized. The majority of the American People don’t care. They prefer to call people who are looking for truth and those who have uncovered falsehoods and exposed barry’s endless lies fraud – nut jobs and disgruntled whatevers and of course they’re all racists.

I believe he is hiding something. I know he is hiding something. Many things.

I believe that the media has been intentionally not investigating and intentionally ignoring what already has been investigated to be true. And we have plenty of proof. It has been documented on this site, our other site and countless sites on the internet.

That is what makes folks angry.

According to the IFC/Zogby Poll – 75% of Americans believe that media coverage influenced the outcome of the election. 93% believe barry got more coverage and that coverage was overwhelmingly more positive than negative. barry voters said this as well as non-barry votes. It happened throughout the primaries, yet Clinton got the same amount of votes.

Clinton people have a right to be angry. Actual minutes of coverage have been documented by independent agencies. She got markedly less positive and the numbers do not take into account the venomous nature of the assaults. The studies are out there. Objective proof in objective numbers that has been admitted to by the media themselves.

It is established fact not based on personal voter likes or dislikes.

The media did not/have not vetted barry. It’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is not just my opinion. It is absolute truth. Why people still try to debate this is beyond mad. Believe his every word, worship at his altar, believe he wears a halo – do whatever you want – but you cannot deny the media bias anymore.

The proobamedia has been ignoring irrefutable facts. Undeniable 100% true facts about barry. They have looked the other way on most everything that could have been damaging. These things are not going away. They will have to deal with them sooner or later and they are starting to realize that as barry’s poll numbers continue to drop.

He could be whomever you like. What is not known about Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Joe Biden or Sarah Palin? How much did the press find out about Sarah Palin in 48 hours? They had everything from grade school to college records and beauty pageant footage of her playing the flute to comments from flight attendants on her way home after her water broke to hospital records in the area.

What is not known about barry is more than what is known and he has been around 2 years – not two months. It is not entirely based on vendettas or angry people whose candidate didn’t win. People are angry because the POTUS who claims transparency is anything but. Go look at what has not been released by barry. They are absolutely things ALL of The American People have a right (and responsibility) to know about the president and absolutely things the press should be investigating.

Things that have nothing to do with his birth certificate.

You want to go on his “superior judgment” and claims of transparency – party on. What have his cabinet picks told you about his judgment? He appoints a “financial wizard” to head up the IRS who uses TurboTax. The ex head of the New York Federal Reserve – the man who is to rescue the nation from economic meltdown – uses TurboTax and then blames his mistakes on it. Then he says well he’s only been on the job for two weeks. He’s been on the job the whole time Bernie Madoff was ripping people off right in front of his nose in New York.

Why does this not bother you? Did you watch his press conference the other day? He’s a complete and utter fool – who barry can throw under the bus with a clean conscience. Please wake up and see who barry really is and how he really operates.

And his exceptions for lobbyists? What about the fact that he has neglected to mention his campaign and now White House advisor David Axelrod is a lobbyist and was acting as such during barry’s campaign? Why has no one in the media called him on it?

And what does barry’s need for adoration tell you? Why did he go out to talk to folks who had lost their jobs and whine about Hannity and Limbaugh? How is that helping those folks?

Why didn’t he go to Oklahoma and help the tornado victims?

Why has he still done nothing about the ice storms in Kentucky?

He brings up Katrina and he has had two natural disasters that he has done nothing about and no one in the media is pressing him on it.

That is criminal and no one cares.


And why is he seeking refuge in his house…already?


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COLB vs long form birth certificate
What Dr Fukino’s statement didn’t say
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Dr Ron Polarik COLB forgery findings (Video)
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