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(5-9) February 13, 2009

Drew Peterson and his once moved out – now moved back in finance Christina Raines interviewed by Amy Robach on the Today Show discussing and professing their love for each other. This is the most animated I’ve seen Raines. Her mood is extremely labile and mostly inappropriate. Their interaction makes my skin crawl. The media is more than happy to have them on which they have to understand is what is leading to all this madness. Raines came out and said so on The Early Show. I have all those videos – I just have to find them in the drafts.

Full Today Show interview – doesn’t embed. Here’s a snippet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ROBACH: Why would you put yourself in the position of potentially becoming his 5th wife?

RAINES: Well, first I don’t believe (voice quiets – yes she does) that he did anything wrong. And I love him. Shrugs. I have a lot of fun with him.

ROBACH: How would you describe the Drew you know vs the Drew that other people have seen portrayed in the media?

RAINES: He’s very kind and loving. (Twists up her mouth – lie. Double blink.) Very nice. (She looks at Peterson and giggles.) He makes me laugh.

ROBACH: What makes Chrissy different than wives 1, 2, 3, and 4?

Chrissy looks at him intent to hear his answer.

PETERSON: It’s a feeling. I mean she’s not an heiress. Laughs. She doesn’t have millions I’m after. I mean, she’s a simple girl [and vulnerable and one he can manipulate] and she’s got a couple kids and all I want is her love.

No he wants to manipulate, dominate, own and then completely destroy.

They live in the same house as Stacy did (and sleep in the same bed Stacy did) and Stacy’s pictures are everywhere.

ROBACH: Chrissy is that hard for you – to see her presence everywhere?

Peterson looks at her. She again twists her mouth – she doesn’t want to speak the truth. She is extremely immature and her body language is as easy to read as a child’s. She looks down to the right, keeping her mouth tightly shut. Drew begins to speak and she deviates her eyes toward him for a second without moving her head. She’s afraid to look at him. She knows what is going on. How desperate is this girl for love? This is so abysmally sad. And her children? Stacy’s? He is a predator – pure and simple.

PETERSON: It looks like she don’t want to answer.

She opens her mouth and raises her right eyebrow for a second – like he’ll see.

Now it’s about Peterson’s love life. This is so gross I don’t want to type it. The camera is not on Chrissy during his answers. That would have been very revealing.

ROBACH: How many women have you dated?

PETERSON: A few…a couple…I can’t even count. (All the while showing no regard for his ‘fiance” sitting next to him.) I’ve gone out here and there.

ROBACH: They come up to you?

PETERSON: Sometimes. Sure. Ya know. Just being out there…and this–it’s funny…women for some silly reason are attracted to that and I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it.

ROBACH: Attracted to the danger perhaps?

PETERSON: I don’t know. See, once people start knowing me and my personality kicks in, I think people are attracted to my personality.

Chrissy comes on camera. She’s looking at him with an unvarnished desperation for love. She is waiting to hear whatever it is she wants to hear. When he turns his head to look at her she quickly averts her eyes to the right and then smiles and looks back up. She is entirely under his spell. It is so sad to see – one can only imagine what her father did and didn’t do to her. He is a piece of work. (Picture in video.)

PETERSON: So I think Chrissy is attracted to my personality. It is certainly not my good looks.

The most truthful thing he has said yet. They have been holding hands and he brings hers up to his mouth and kisses it. She giggles and looks away. Yuk.

Robach then asks Chrissy if she was attracted to the dangerousness of Peterson.

RAINES: She laughs. No. I’ve known him from before and he has always (shaking her head — no he hasn’t) been nice to me. So.. She shrugs and bites her lips.

ROBACH: You’ve known him from before – you’ve known him when he was still married to Stacy?

Same patterns as Stacy who he was going out with as a 17 y/o while peterson was still married to Kathleen Savio. Reportedly, Raines met Peterson in 2003 at a Laundromat when he was dating Stacy and Stacy said she was doing her father’s laundry. Peterson already had his next victim planned out before he even married Stacy. This man is true evil. I would not be surprised if Raines’ father does something to Peterson. There’s a reason why Chrissy was attracted to Drew – she is familiar with his type.


ROBACH: So when all of this news broke, what did you think?

The camera stays on Raines. She has her mouth tightly shut and then she displays a completely inappropriate affect when she talks about Stacy’s “disappearance”, which shows she has no grasp of the seriousness of the situation. Note also she does not even mention Stacy’s name or show any concern for her welfare – the woman who preceded her in scumbag’s bed.

RAINES: I felt bad for him. Laughing. I felt like she was kidnapped or something. (She shrugs and raises her eyebrows.) But that’s it. (She shakes her head.) I didn’t (eyes widen – alarm) think that he did (eyes widen) anything to her.

Robach asks her what if he is guilty? Camera angle switches and shows Drew looking at her.

RAINES: I’m running the other way.

She laughs and so does Drew.

I’m just joking. (No she isn’t.) I just don’t believe it. Shrugs. I don’t believe it.

She doesn’t want to believe it because then what does she have?

ROBACH: Why are you so sure?

RAINES puts her head down, puts her lip together and tries to think of an answer. She’s never even considered the question and it appears no one has ever asked her for an answer. She smiles and looks up at Robach. She then leans away (most telling) from drew and lifts up her left shoulder as protection. Her voice goes up like a child: I don’t believe he’ll hurt anyone. She smiles, shrugs looks down and makes another movement with her lips.

ROBACH: What about drew makes you believe that What have you seen? What have you heard from him that makes you believe that?

RAINES: He’s nice. (So was Ted Bundy – charming even.) He has a good heart. Blinks. Very caring.

Her mouth drops – very sad, almost fearful look. (He has already hurt her.)

She says quietly, while shaking her head: I don’t think – she looks at him quickly – he will ever hurt me (like he did the others) or anyone else.

ROBACH: Do you have anyone who supports your decision to be with Drew?

RAINES back to reality – no hesitation. No.

PETERSON quickly adds: Your mom.

RAINES: Sing-songy with a forced smile: My mom. She’s not out there like saying it but…

Her face saddens. She wishes her mother was saying something – was speaking up for her. She blinks slowly.

ROBACH: Anyone else?

RAINES: A quiet somber “no” while peterson laughs.

No. No one else.

ROBACH: What do you say to them?

Interesting how Raines answers this since it was an open question.

RAINES smiles and laughs: That I’m going to be ok. Nothing’s going to happen to me.

She stops smiling and closes her lips. Her eyes become very sad, she tsks, widens her eyes, raises her eyebrows (alarm) and shrugs.

Resigned: That’s all I can say. And then she closes her lips.

Very interesting choice of words.

ROBACH: Do they believer you?

RAINES: A quiet: No. She shakes her head. An even quieter: No.

She looks like she is going to cry. She clearly has no one else. What is she going to do to support herself and her 2 children? He knows this and that is why he picks them. He knows no matter what he does they have no alternative and when they try to find one – he takes their lives.

ROBACH: Do you understand why?

RAINES: Such a sad desperation on her face. Her family knows what he’s already done to her. Her eyes water and she closes her eyes and says very quietly, “yesss” and then puts her head down and twists her mouth. It’s absolutely haunting.

How bad must be the alternative if she has resigned herself to her fate at peterson’s hands? Watch this part several times. It’s the exact moment she admits that she knows she could die – and that her family knows. The whole set reacts with an eerie silence. They cut away to a voice over.

Look at the picture of Chrissy’s father. Is that madness staring into the camera? Absolutely. How horrific was this girl’s childhood? Raines of course has professed on many occasions that he fears for his daughter’s life. Where was he when she was a child? And why does he never mention his grandchildren?

ROBACH: He called you the devil.

PETERSON: Exactly. Laughs. So, but, it looks like the devil won this round!

He laughs maniacally and looks at Chrissy who smiles but looks at him uncomfortably.

And then – gross – they show her sitting on the couch cuddling with him. This poor girl is so desperate for love. What type of evil beast does this? And what of Stacy’s daughter? What is she learning? Her son? peterson’s older children?

ROBACH: Do you all have wedding plans?

PETERSON: Whatever she wants.

Remember that Chrissy went before the grand jury between the time she moved out and then moved back in. He better give her exactly what she wants.

ROBACH: What do you want?

RAINES leans away from him, smiles like a child and says, while he laughs: I just want my family.

PETERSON: I know – I’m just making fun.

No he’s not. It’s not about Chrissy – it’s about drew and her father – two men the same age vying to completely destroy a vulnerable child.

ROBACH: Do you think you will have your family with you at your wedding?

There is never going to be a wedding.

RAINES in a sad little voice: I hope so (she shakes her head) but probably not. (Forced smile.) My dad already made it clear that’s not going to happen. So…

She closes her lips and looks down.

Robach asks about when the wedding could happen since he is still not divorced from Stacy. It’s the reason he hasn’t already divorced her.

PETERSON is clearly lying – listen to his tone of voice. I don’t know but I’m hoping as soon as possible. (Listen to his previous radio interview.)

ROBACH: Chrissy, what time frame would you put wedding plans in?

RAINES: She has her head down staring beyond. She twists her lips – her most obvious *tell*. It takes a full five seconds to answer. She looks up and shifts away from Peterson in her chair, raises her eyebrows and shrugs: June or July?

It’s clear she knows it will never happen. She knows it’s a charade. The question is what did he promise her? Or what did her father threaten to do to her? And what has happened to her “stalker” ex boyfriend Mike?

ROBACH; Have you all talked about having children together?

Raines gets an immediate look of absolute joy on her face. The promise? He looks at her and sees her smile and says flatly.

PETERSON: No, I think we have enough children. Between us we have eight, and a grandchild coming, so I think that is enough.

He smile goes to her mask of sadness. She looks off in the distance as if her dreams have already been shattered before the interview was even over. I feel such violence toward this man. This girl has the sophistication of a 14 y/o and he is an evil sociopath. Why can’t someone stop him before this girl is completely broken? How is she able to parent her own children?

ROBACH brings up the disparity in their ages and asks: Chrissy, do you want more kids? (She has two)

RAINES: One more.

Peterson looks at Robach. Not happening.

RAINES: She leans away from him and looks at him and says in a dreamy voice, maybe one more?

He looks at her and says nothing. There’s an uncomfortable silence. She looks down. The camera is on her while Robach mentions how she has sacrificed her friends and families and then asks her what she wants out of the relationship.

RAINES smiles, leans away from her and puts her head down. She looks up and with her real eyes says in a child’s voice: A family.

Her truth. She is a hurting teenage girl who is looking for a father and instead is trapped in a lion’s den with Satan incarnate.

What will Stacy’s children think when they see this videotape? The jury?

There is a very uncomfortable silence. scumbag doesn’t even say a word. He isn’t even looking at her. Robach asks: Is Drew family?

RAINES: A quiet wistful: Yes.

It is very quiet on the set. She blinks and then looks at him expecting some type of affection – something. She makes brief eye contact and looks down – she didn’t see what she wanted to see – and holds very still. scumbag doesn’t say a single word and looks away. She then looks away. Eight seconds of silence. They cut away.

End of interview.

I would like to meet up with this beast in an alley and acquaint myself with a pair of castration scissors. Probably just need a nail clipper or a tweezers. Robach mentions that they said it was not a publicity stunt but that scumbag said he would be willing to do a reality show (How much does he care for Stacy’s children?), a movie, a book deal – whatever so he could tell his story and put it away for “his” children. They are never Stacy’s children.

When is someone going to intervene? And what is it going to take? Stacy’s children still think she is on vacation and scumbag said his daughter got very upset when Raines moved out. Why is that shocking? Who is going to speak for those children? And who is going to get them some therapy before Raines moves out again?

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