America’s Most Wanted Sexual Predator in Sheriff Lott’s jurisdiction

February 16, 2009

Sheriff Lott: How about a little serving and protecting?

A quick look at your website shows there is a lot of true crime and true evil in Richland County, South Carolina that needs investigating.

  • 57 unsolved Murders
  • A huge number of registered sex offenders – 100 just halfway through “Brown”

Elby, Hars

America’s Most Wanted:

Predator Turns Prey Into Crime Partner

Cops in South Carolina are conducting a search for a man convicted of sexually abusing his daughter, then turning her into his partner in crime.

Elby Hars’ trouble with the law started back in 1982. He was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter, Terri Hars. But even prison bars and handcuffs couldn’t keep Hars from getting to his victim. After Elby Hars was released, he reunited with his daughter.

Cops: Abused Girl Finds Other Victims For Her Dad

This time around, police say Hars didn’t make his daughter the primary victim. Instead, authorities say the father and daughter teamed up to become partners in crime. Police say Terri Hars became an accomplice by going out and finding young girls for her dad to abuse.

But in February 2000, a 13-year-old girl told police Hars was abusing her. Authorities slapped the ex-con with his second round of sex abuse charges. But that’s not all — Terri Hars faced her own set of charges. She eventually turned herself in, and on December 14 2004, she was convicted of charges including three counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. She’s now doing time in a South Carolina prison.

But Terri’s dad didn’t follow in her footsteps: he decided to remain on the run, and John Walsh has added him to his Dirty Dozen list — the notorious group of fugitives he wants to see taken off the streets the most.

So, Sheriff Lott, what about this America’s Most Wanted sexual predator from your jurisdiction?

Did you need a break from reading about his depraved acts? About how he repeatedly raped his daughter and then enlisted her to find him more victims when she got too old for him?

Why was he let out to do it all over again?

Did you even spend a minute of the time wasted in your search for notoriety thinking about how many young girls he has raped?

Did it cross your mind while you were giving your press conference how he has been forcing himself inside young girls, destroying them for life?

How many times do you think he raped a child while you and yours were pursuing Michael Phelps?

Sheriff Lott’s 15 seconds of shame

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