Father shoots 9 y/o son with a BB gun for blocking TV

February 19, 2009

It’s not a 9 y/o writing to Santa to make her dad stop raping her and her sister – it’s an 9 y/o boy writing a school essay that led to his father’s arrest.

The strange part? It happened in Oregon, Wisconsin – hometown of Flight 1549 First Officer Jeff Skiles.

The boy wrote an essay: “painful afternoon my Dad shot me with a BB gun”, which the teacher turned over to the authorities and the father, 36, was subsequently arrested and charged with one felony count of child abuse. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 6 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. He was instructed to “not to threaten or engage in any acts of violence against his son” including corporal punishment.

The father admits to shooting his son with a BB gun – that he just happened to have handy in the house with a young child around – because the boy wouldn’t move away from the TV fast enough. He said he aimed at the child’s rear pants pocket because he thought it would be more padded. His words. He also said he was absolutely not under the influence of anything – as if that would mitigate shooting his son in the buttocks at close range with a BB gun because he had the nerve to stand in front of the TV.

SHOOTER: I knew right away it was a stupid thing I did. I told my kids the only way I’m going to touch them is to kiss them, hug them, tickle them. I was very, I was not under the influence of anything. It was a very stupid decision.

My question is how long after the shooting did the boy write his essay? If the dad knew right away that it was stupid what did he do about it? And why is there a BB gun so handy when kids are in the house?

No word on the child’s injury, how many other kids are in the house, whether the father has a previous history of abuse or if there is a mother present or what the TV show was.

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