Greta Van Susteren: Crew of Flight 1549 (Part 3)

February 20, 2009

Flight 1549 posts

Greta Van Susteren
Part 1 (video & transcript)
Part 2 (video & transcript)

Part 3 aired only on the web so there’s no transcript. Really good footage of immediate rescue: passengers standing on wings, ferries and at (2:45) you can see the diver jump out of the helicopter. Seen later (here) “standing” in the water.

Pix and other videos: before, during and after – if you haven’t seen them.

Watching this I still get the sense that the rest of the crew somehow doesn’t jive with Flight Attendant Doreen Welsh‘s account. Watch how they hold very still and don’t look at her while she speaks. Probably because they weren’t back there and it was where the aircraft first impacted. I don’t know if they were instructed to be professional but they don’t really look at each other or refer to one another directly as a whole. They almost seem cold to each other. Look at their body language. They all sit precisely in their spaces never invading the other’s boundaries. Mostly they don’t even look at the one talking. Most expressive is Sheila Dail. Donna Dent is still in shock. Jeff Skiles is actually very funny – see Letterman link in Update above.

Is there more to the story? By this interview they were veterans.

Plus, from the video provided here and elsewhere, it’s mainly the interviewer and Sullenberger talking. First Officer Jeff Skiles is a full pilot. He was a Captain before the airline cut back. Lost, too, is the fact that Sullenberger and Skiles had never flown before these 4-day flying adventure and that the Flight Attendants have 92 years of experience, having once been referred to as “stewardesses”.

How many people stay in a profession for 30 years anymore?

Guess we have to wait to read each of their books. Patched together we’ve seen a lot of the film from the outside.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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