barry’s birth certificate re-visited

Updated list of birth certificate posts

February 15, 2009

Ok I know I said I was done with the birth certificate thing but there has been a development re: the Occidental College subpoena.(Links below) And I must say I’ve missed being attacked by the obamabots urging! me! to! call! Hawaii! and the Supreme! Court! Fortunately for my phone bill, I can read – better yet I can reason. Have to give them credit though for their delusional tenacity despite mound after mound of questions and the simple old kindergarten: Why?

Why would barry keep fighting something if there was no problem?

Why would he continue to go to such extreme measures to prevent something from surfacing?

Why would he keep lying about his “transparency”?

Why would he continue to spend HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars fighting something that could be definitively cleared up with less than $20?

And most of all – why would he continue to do this after he was sworn in once or twice or however many times?

Did anyone get a good explanation as to why there was no video of the second Oath of Office? A scratchy audiotape by the “most technologically savvy” president who loves to have his picture taken and is followed by a camera crew everywhere he goes?

And why are folks clinging to the “Mr Transparency”?

They don’t seem to have any idea what he has already not been “transparent” about? Even Politico has started to wake up.

Anyway. I’m not sure why this subpoena has taken so long. I had to go back and look at the original posting of the subpoena and it was posted here January 19th but was granted on the 15th of January. So does that mean they have a month to produce it? It wouldn’t have been hard to serve the college.

There are five things I would like to see happen once he is found out…and he will be. I just hope a major catastrophe isn’t the spark. This nation is on the brink as is and all he has is the promise of hope! Thing is hope is a personal choice as is keeping one’s word and truly implementing change…as in action.

Look what happened when he finally made a stand on something only because he was being pressured by the black community. He went with political expedience – all he knows – and overrode Reid to get Burris seated and now what?

Where is this superior judgment we have heard about?

Anyway these are the five things I would still like to be alive to see:

  • The come to Jesus I have sinned moment in front of the entire cosmos.
  • The totally pist off obamerized media reaction.
  • The complete and utter shaming of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
  • The complete vindication of Hillary Clinton as the true Democratic nominee.
  • And whatever in the hell the Hillary people want to do.

1-15 Occidental College subpoena: served
1-15 Occidental College subpoena (pdf)
2-11 Occidental College subpoena: Motion to quash
2-19 Keyes et al v Obama et al
2-20 Occidental College subpoena: update

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