Octuplets: Mother vs grandmother caught on tape

February 23, 2009

(3-10) Octuplets: Updated list of  posts

Update – found the video – see link below.

The octuplet story gets more sordid by the day. First the birther and grandmother of the 14 children go at it on radaronline and then a possible sperm donor father pops up. The radaronline interview can only be watched there. They say they will release snippets of it all week. I have the interview they did with the grandmother in the drafts somewhere that I will try to post today. Radaronline are the ones who provided the pix of the nasty un-childproofed house the six have been living in and I hope the octuplets never find their way to.

Again, I will state as clearly as I can: those 8 children should never be placed in her custody. She committed child abuse by implanting them – having already been unable to care for the 6 six children at home. She has 14 children under the age of 7. One set of twins and then the octuplets, which were 10 weeks premature. Provided the other 5 pregnancies were full term – in the span of roughly 96 months – she was pregnant for half. And the last pregnancy she was on bedrest at 23 weeks.

What type of care were the six already birthed children getting?

Why type of care was humanly possible by a non-pregnant single mother and an exhausted grandmother?

And what else was it besides premeditated welfare fraud when she willingly implanted them knowing she would have absolutely no independent means to support them. She was unable to provide basic food and shelter for the 6 she already had.

And in case you need more convincing – look at the before pictures of the birther compared with the multiple plastic surgeries face she has now. That’s tens of thousands of dollars she did not use to care for her children.

She was not a mother – she was a birthing factory and should be treated as such. She would qualify for two of Hitler’s Mother’s Crosses and she should not be allowed anywhere near those octuplets.

Have you watched her “interact” with them? Watch her and decide for yourself her (lack of) maternal attachment. Look at the pictures. of her house – taken when she supposedly has 2-3 nannies caring for the 6 children.

She has no job.

No skills.

No resources.

No father. She gave birth to 14 children knowing absolutely knowing that they would not have a father in their lives. What kind of beast does that? Certainly not a mother.

No in place support system.

No home.

No way to support any of them – financially, emotionally or in any other fashion.

No way to love each one of them without neglecting the other – thus all are and have been neglected.

That alone is criminal.

The hospital bill has already got to be over a million dollars with no end in sight.

She said in the interview that she had no idea that embryos can be “adopted”. Her absolute ignorance is limitless as is the grandmother’s. That fertility doctor needs to go to prison as well as have his medical license permanently revoked.

He swore to First do know harm. He violated that oath and should be punished by never being given the chance to violate it again.

She said she didn’t want to kill the ones that were frozen – so how many are left? And if there are some left – what is she going to do with them? She said the octuplets were a “sign from God” not to have anymore.

Why does a rational being need a sign from God to know when to stop criminal behavior? What type of judgment does that woman possess?

None – maternal or otherwise.

If she still has a functioning uterus and some embryos she will try it again. She said in the interview that 8 embryos had never developed before and that if she had just one or two what’s the difference? She is talking about them as things – not human beings with souls and feelings in need of love and nurturing.

One of her defenses is that she will love and hold them like other parents cannot. Where are her 28 arms?

She goes beyond “obsessive compulsive” to selfishness on a previously unseen pathological level. Her behavior and decision-making to have those embryos implanted demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has absolutely no maternal instincts.


I hope Child Protective Services watches these interviews. Their absolute dysfunction is on display and they have no qualms showing it. What goes on in private?

Now imagine the six kids already at home listening to this for years. Look at how exhausted the grandmother is.

Who is going to care for any of those children?

Have they ever been cared for?

And has anyone begun to think about what the 7 y/o’s life is like?

Has always been like?

Will always be like?


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