KEYES: “Obama is a radical Communist!”

February 24, 2009

Andrew Malcolm at the La Times still doesn’t know the difference between a certification of live birth and a birth certificate.

“In June, the Obama campaign released to The Ticket a copy of the then-senator’s Hawaiian birth certificate

Kind of shows how little journalism is actually done anymore. And what’s really amazing is how folks feel free to go after people when they don’t even know what they’re talking about. They just assume it’s crazy. Nobody checks sources or investigates anything and yet they wonder how something could have gotten by the press.

Another friend of barry, Rep Bobby Rush, thinks Obama is an educated fool!

If you’ve never had the distinct pleasure of watching Ambassador Keyes speak, here you go. I was laughing listening to him – not about what he was saying – how he was saying it. His voice and his facial reactions don’t jive. He sounds outraged but keeps looking into the camera and around to see if anyone is hearing him. It’s like a grandpa scolding his grandchild and then winking at grandma.


Selected quotes.

Obama is a radical Communist!

He is going to destroy this country.

We are either going to stop him or the United States of America is going to cease to exist.

The man is an abomination!

He has advocated infanticide.

If they happen to escape the abortionist’s intention and are born alive, he actually supported the idea that those babies should be set aside and die.

That is a violation of conscience that is inconceivable.

Is he President of the United States?

I, frankly, refuse to call him that.

At the moment, he is somebody who is an alleged usurper.

He is alleged to be someone occupying that office without the constitutional warrant to do so.

He has refused to provide proof that he is in fact a natural born citizen.

I’m not even sure he is President of the United States.

No! That is not a laughing matter.

We’re in the midst of the greatest crisis this nation has ever seen. And if we don’t stop laughing about it and deal with it, we’re going to find ourselves in the the midst chaos, confusion and civil war.

It’s time we started acting like grownups.

This is insanity!

It’s as if we’ve put insane children and adolescents in charge of the country!

Where did we come up with two trillion dollars in the course of the last six months?

Did we wish for it out of the air?

Have people gone mad in this country?

You don’t have that money.

We are claiming that a bankrupt government can save a bankrupt banking system

Explain to me how that happens, because I think that’s impossible.

He presents silly ideas like this and says ‘let’s move forward now‘…

This is insane!

It’s got to lead to the collapse of our economy, and it’s going to!


Keyes v Bowen: Explanation and Links
11-13 Keyes v Bowen: Petition for Writ of Mandate

1-15 Occidental College Subpoena: Relevant text
1-15 Occidental College Subpoena: Official pdf

2-11 Occidental College Subpoena: Motion to Quash (text)
2-11 Occidental College Subpoena: Notice of Motion to Quash (pdf)
2-11 Occidental College Subpoena: Motion to Quash (pdf)
2-20 Occidental College Subpoena: Discussion of Motion to Quash

2-24 Keyes: “Obama is a radical Communist!”

3-13 Scheduled Hearing

*3-13 Occidental College Subpoena: QUASHED

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